Nicki Minaj Says She Hasn’t Leaked Cardi B’s Number to her Fans

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B seem to be in the news for accusing each other for various reasons.

Cardi B’ sister Hennessy Carolina accused Nicki Minaj of leaking her sister’s phone number online. Hennessy said that her sister was being threatened through messages. She also shared screenshots that point out death threats to Kulture – who is Cardi B’s daughter with Migos.

Hennessy said that Nicki Minaj had leaked her sister’s number to her fans which is the same thing that she did to Mariah Lynn.

Defending all these accusations Nicki revealed in the first episode of Beats 1 on Queen Radio that she did not leak Cardi B’s number.

She then spoke about a heated argument that took place between Rah Ali and Cardi B in the New York Fashion Party held in September. Rah Ali is Minaj’s friend, and in the argument, Rah Ali had punched Cardi about eight or nine times. Nicki also said she was angry at Rah for punching Cardi and for empathizing with Cardi she is returned by an allegation from Hennessy.

Nicki also said that she was ready to stop this dispute and was ready to never talk about it again.

The fight began at the fashion magazine – Harper Bazaar’s party when Cardi B came up to Nicki Minaj and blamed her for spreading lies about her.

Soon Cardi B was nudged in the face by a security guard after which she threw a shoe at Minaj. Cardi was escorted out of the party barefoot, and she was seen with a bump over her eye. This incident was captured in a video.

Nicki also said that Cardi had requested her to be a part of her solo, but she had turned down the offer, and this was the reason why Cardi was accusing her aimlessly.

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