Eminem’s Official Remix for His “Venom” Song Available on Reddit


If you have been waiting for a new track by Marshall Bruce Mathers III, you will feel delighted to learn that Eminem’s official remix for his “Venom” song is out now. You can listen to this rap track that lasts for a little over four minutes long in Eminem’s Reddit group.

Slim Shady jumped on the “Last One Standing” tune with other artists like Polo G, Mozzy, and Skylar Grey to plug the new chapter of the film entitled “Venom: Let There Be Carnage,” which features Eminem’s official remix. The Detroit rap star dropped the “Venom” track’s remix version, which is a production of D.A. Got That Dope and is a component of the 2021 superhero movie’s soundtrack.

Eminem’s official remix for his “Venom” track will make you want to watch the succeeding motion picture to the 2018 Columbia Pictures movie with the same title. If you can remember, this main theme of the film soundtrack was released as a digital single on September 21, 2018.

The original “Venom” song is a production by Eminem and his long-time collaborator Luis Resto. Marshall Mathers and his pal recorded it three years ago at Effigy Studios in Detroit, Michigan.

Additionally, this tune from the movie that features the Marvel Comics character of the same name entered the music charts in several territories after the release of Eminem’s “Kamikaze” studio album.

Besides the United States, the original version that led to Eminem’s official remix for his “Venom” track hit the top-50 music charts in Australia and Canada. You can now watch “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” as it was released for viewing last Friday, October 1.

This 2021 superhero motion picture features Venom, the Marvel Comics character, played by Tom Hardy. Plus, in this superhero movie, Venom is the alter ego of the character named Eddie Brock, who struggles in adjusting to life as alien symbiote Venom’s host.

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