Facebook User Claims to Have Put Down The Last Jedi Reviews


MANHATTAN, NY – People thought that the Star Wars: The Last Jedi was loathed by viewers. However, a Facebook page perpetrator admitted that he purposely created a bot army to tarnish the reputation of the film.

There is a significant amount of evidence online pointing to hatred towards the movie. However, what’s intriguing is that despite the loathing, plenty of critics actually are commending the creators of the The Last Jedi for a job well done.

It may have not garnered the best reviews. However, it did get at least 3 stars out of 5 in The Washington Post. There were also plenty of reviewers from Rotten Tomatoes that approved of the Star Wars movie.

But the amount of loathers was just a bit higher. For starters, the Star Wars movie had gotten a rating of 4.8 out of 10 from Metacritic.

It was puzzling that despite the extraordinary overall sales of The Last Jedi film, negative reviews and comments are pouring in on the Internet. With that, several conspiracy theories are starting to emerge. One of them is voting system manipulation. Everyone knows how easily these things can be maneuvered for the interest of perpetrators. The same thing happened to another film entitled Boaty McBoatface wherein the staffers used a computer script to enable a bot to different review websites using various usernames and began creating positive comments for the film.

The same thing could have been done for the Star Wars movie, but instead of creating positive reviews, the perpetrators tended to ruin the movie.

Facebook User Claims to Have Put Down The Last Jedi Reviews

In the Rotten Tomatoes website, the Star Wars movie first got a decent score. However, after two days of its initial screening passed, the score plummeted down big time. It was then that the owner of a Disney forum site had admitted that he was the one responsible for the decline.

He also later confessed to being the creator of a Facebook page that served no other purpose than to demolish the reputation of the Star Wars movie. He programmed the page to bypass the CAPTCHA codes that people usually have to provide to prove to the website that they are human. This guy claims that his tactics was the reason the Star Wars movie was getting awful reviews online.

However, the moderator was not able to provide sufficient hard evidence to support his claim. Thus, there were only a few who actually believed him. He did not even manage to make it to national news.

According to his statement, he was frustrated that Disney had to change the canon of Star Wars, saying that the movie looked like a nerdy version of Stephen King’s “Misery”. However, the supposed perpetrator began postings statuses linking The Last Jedi to socio-politics, and that was when reporters started to get interested. He mentioned in his post that straight male leads are and always will be far better than females when it comes to using light saber. Apart from that, he also had one post where he expressed how he resented how men were treated weakly in today’s society, adding that he wants to see the day men rule the world again.


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