Fans Aren’t Happy As Nicky Minaj Canceled Her Second Show

The fans of American rapper, Nicky Minaj aren’t happy by her recent stint in which she had canceled the show due to few technical glitches. On March 9, 2019, Minaj was supposed to perform live in front of her fans in France, but she left the spot as there wasn’t enough power to support her show. Due to the same reason, Nicky Minaj had canceled her show in Slovakia.

In regard to the criticism, Nicky Minaj took the help of her Twitter account and posted a video in which she was seen directly addressing her fans. Through the video, the rapper told her fans that it would be not worth it for her to perform in such condition. Minaj also said that she did not want to upset her fans due to low performance. The rapped further told her fans that she was too much excited to perform for her fans but didn’t expect to face such a technical issue.

Nicky Minaj

According to the sources, it’s been the first time when Nicky Minaj had planned to perform at Arkea Arena in France. Minaj blamed the show sponsors, through Twitter Minaj said that the building didn’t have enough power to support her three-hour long show. Finally, Minaj added that there are many artists who have to cancel their event due to some technical problem but promised her fans that she would try her best to rearrange a show for them.

Contrary to her Twitter video, Minaj’s fans aren’t happy by her attitude; they have already started to bash her over the social media. Few of her fans have even started to support Cardi.B, which is Nicky Minaj’s immediate rival. One of the fans called Minaj’s latest stint as another flop by the artist. While another fan had asked the artist to give up her hopes on NickyWRLD Tour, the fan said that she should throw away the tour instead.



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