From On-Screen Romance to Real-Life Drama: Powell’s Revealing Interview

Glen Powell recently disclosed his thoughts on the rumors of him dating his co-star Sydney Sweeney. In a recent Men’s Health interview for its December issue, Powell, known for his role in “Top Gun: Maverick,” expressed that dealing with public speculation felt confusing and unjust. He acknowledged that such attention is now part of being in the limelight. The speculation gained momentum after Powell and Sweeney were selected as the leads in the romantic comedy “Anyone But You,” further fueled by their friendly interaction during press events and Powell’s split from his then-girlfriend, Gigi Paris. Meanwhile, Sweeney is currently engaged to Jonathan Davino, a restaurant owner.

Powell shared with the magazine that his rise to fame post-“Top Gun: Maverick” has made dating more complex, stating that any future partner must be prepared for the uncertainties and excitement of his burgeoning career. He emphasized his commitment to being a devoted partner, admitting that the fast-paced and unpredictable nature of his life can be challenging for someone to cope with. Powell also described the awkwardness of realizing a personal connection might be overshadowed by his fame, particularly if a romantic interest asks for a selfie.

He also mentioned his preference for moving between Los Angeles, Austin, Texas (where his family resides), and various filming locations, humorously noting that staying in one place too long isn’t beneficial. Powell finds stability in his relationship with his dog, Brisket, a rescue puppy he adopted during a challenging period in his life. The actor shared how Brisket provided a much-needed outlet for love and affection.

In addition, Powell talked about the influence of Tom Cruise, his co-star and producer in “Top Gun: Maverick,” on his performance as Lt. Jake “Hangman” Seresin. He recalled how Cruise helped him shed his apologetic nature, which was contrary to his character’s traits, by watching movies and discussing acting techniques. Powell noted Cruise’s advice on not appearing apologetic in his role.

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