Gabrielle Union Delights Fans With Kaavia’s Cute Video

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – American actress Gabrielle Union made her fans happy with a new video of her ever-cute daughter Kaavia James.

Fans were delighted with what the actress shared on her Instagram, featuring her little girl with NBA superstar Dwayne Wade.

Gabrielle shared a brand-new TikTok video of Kaavia James, highlighting the challenging but rewarding life of a mom with a toddler starting to learn how to get her way. The little girl is such a cutie that many fans of the actress were delighted with the new video. They didn’t hesitate to share how the little darling is making their day.

One of the actress’ fans said in the comments that little Kaavia James’ direct look in the camera shows how she’s quickly becoming a girl boss. She has such an unapologetic look with her eye squint in the video, another one commented.

Many of the actress’s followers were also amused by her daughter’s face when she knew she was lying. The comment section was flooded with Gabrielle’s fans talking about the sassy look her daughter is making while looking right into the camera.

Many of the commenters who have been following the actress since she gave birth to little miss Kaavia James said that the little girl had been in a mood since she came to this Earth. Like what the actress captioned the video, her daughter’s antics was surely a timeline cleanser for her fans. It was the cutest thing today and a great way to offset a tough couple of weeks.

It was a Bitsy’s challenge, based on the hashtags the actress used on the caption, and Kaavia James is surely winning that one.

The actress couldn’t stop watching the cute and funny video of her little girl, and her fans shared the same sentiments, and it’s easy to know why. She couldn’t seem to stop eating her treats for the life of her, and it was the most delightful thing ever. The video already got nearly two million likes and over seven thousand comments.

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