Johnny Depp Talks About Abusive Relationship with Mother

Famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp spoke out about his mother’s abuse compared to his relationship with ex-wife Amber Heard. 

During his ongoing trial against ex-wife Amber Heard, he spoke about the verbal and psychological abuse he felt as a child. He also talked about how psychological abuse was worse than beatings, “you can deal with physical pain. You learn to accept it.” 

Depp spoke about how Palmer would throw objects at him and constantly hit him. Despite the abuse he felt from his mother, his father was kind, quiet, and shy towards him. Depp’s father never had any conflict with him. 

Depp’s father was stoic during the arguments with Betty Sue, refraining from replying with horrible things. Instead of fighting back, Depp’s father took the abuse and swallowed up the pain. 

However, there were times when the abuse was too much that he would see his father well up inside. The worst thing Johnny Deep saw was his father punching a wall. However, he never touched Betty Sue, “he remained a gentleman.” 

Christi Dembrowski, Johnny Depp’s sister, also spoke about the abuse a few weeks before Depp’s testimony. Dembrowski would run and hide when she saw his mom abuse his dad. 

Dembrowski also said that Johnny Depp never hit his mother back. Palmer relented from the abuse, eventually dying in May 2016 at 81. 

In the defamation case against Amber Heard, numerous people appeared as witnesses, including the former marriage counselor, his doctor, and the like. 

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