What Is Behind the Brittney Spears and Sam Ashari Marriage Rumors?

The growing relationship between Brittney Spears and Sam Asghari raises many questions about whether the two celebrities intend to take it to the next level. Fans started speculating that the two married each other in Mexico, which a source subsequently denied them. 

Spears shows her intentions to marry Asghari by calling him “husband” in a published post and on social media.

 A close source told the media that the couple does not intend to marry each other until the birth of their child. While waiting for the child, the two call each other “husband” and “wife” since their engagement. 

In other words, the two have at least nine months until the child’s birth or nine months to plan the wedding celebration. 

Brittney Spears is also coming from a 13-year-long conservatorship that prevents her from having a baby, being forced to take contraceptives by her father to prevent the fact. 

However, Brittney and Sam told TMZ last December that they would engage in “a lot of baby-making” over Christmas. 

In 2004, Brittney Spears married Kevin Federline, giving birth to Sean and Jayden. Both sons expressed their excitement for a new addition to the family. One source said that “the baby will have wonderful brothers, Britney believes.”

Brittney Spears also posts regular pregnancy updates on Instagram, exciting millions of fans worldwide. 

These Instagram posts also received millions of likes from fans who share in her joy for the newfound freedom from the conservatorship of her father. 

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