Megan Thee Stallion Wants To Introduce A “New Personality” & Hot Girl Summer’ Trademark

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Megan Thee Stallion Who recently announced rocking with JAY-Z  & being officially signed to Roc Nation. Tweets about she’s considering a rebrand of herself. Along with being a good run for the Hot Girl Summer, Megan Thee Stallion is looking to bank on her popular phrase.

The H-Town Hottie sat down with Allure and explained why she decided to capitalize on her catchphrase.

“I really didn’t even know that it was gonna catch on how it did,” she said. “It was just me talking sh*t, telling everybody I was gonna be me for the summer, and they should be them too, like as free as they can be. When I saw Wendy’s and Forever 21 saying, ‘Hey, are you having a Hot Girl Summer?’ I was like, ‘Hell no, Forever 21, you’re going to have to pay me.’ But I just wanted to get it trademarked because it’s me. It’s my thing.”Image result for hot girl summer

The rapper shared some good news in the clip below from her interview with Virginia’s 103 Jamz radio station. “You ’bout to get that trademark?’ the host asked. “Yep, it’s already in the process. It’s trademarked. We did it.”

This is a big win for Megan Thee Stallion because Hot Girl Summer has been used everywhere within the last few months.

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