Porsha Williams Shares Exciting News, Fans Are Ecstatic

DULUTH, Calif. – Porsha Williams announced something excited via her social media, and fans can’t wait to check it out.

According to the TV personality, her family show is on the way, but she’s asking her fans for suggestions on what they could name the show.

It turned out that Porsha’s fans are incredibly excited about the show and have been waiting for something like it. They also had lots of name suggestions for the show, which they shared down in the comments.

One of Porsha’s fans liked her recent post and said that she could name her new family show ‘Poppin’ while someone else wrote that the name ‘Blended: Our Way’ would be fantastic for a family show like hers. The same fan also commented that Porsha looks legit and that if a glow-up queen, if there is one, it would look like her.

Many fans also congratulated her on her new family show. Another fan also suggested that she call the show ‘Porsha for Real’ because it would fit. Someone else said that ‘Pursuit of Porsha’ will also work as it ties with her book and her journey, while another suggested ‘Porsha Gets Real’ after someone commented ‘Porsha vs. Everybody.’

However, someone else opened up about the RHOA entanglement drama in the comments. The fan wrote that on behalf of Porsha Williams’ real fans who stuck with her through the controversy, they are not ready to forgive those who dished her before.

As fans know, Porsha got some heat after announcing her engagement with her friend Falynn Guobadia’s ex-husband only after a month since Falynn announced their divorce.

But with the recent news of Falynn’s pregnancy, opinions changed. It turned out, Falynn was messing with help during her marriage to Porsha Williams’ now-fiancee. It means there will be more drama, and RHOA fans expect some interesting tea in the next season.

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