Post Malone Rocks Million-Dollar Smile After Getting Diamond Fangs

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah – Famous American singer Post Malone rocked his million-dollar star in a post after getting his diamond fangs.

The singer, whose given name is Austin Richard Post, has a brand-new smile and is incredibly excited to flash his smile to everyone. If someone has an expensive smile, Post Malone got it. Thomas Connelly, also known as the ‘Father of Diamond Dentistry’ in Soho, New York, posted on his social media, sharing Post Malone’s pic.

Post Malone had his brand-new teeth displayed in the latest black and white pic after getting a smile reconstruction with porcelain veneers. He’s gotten his teeth white as snow, but that isn’t even the best part. Besides the veneers, Post Malone is also rocking his two new diamond-encrusted fangs, a costly pair that cost him over a million.

The 25-year-old singer paid a cool $1.6 million for the pair of diamond fangs. So, it’s true that he recently got a million-dollar smile. The black and white photo posted showed him, his mouth open, showing off his costly diamond fangs with a cigarette between his teeth.

The photo looks epic, but so does Post Malone’s new teeth. Connelly shared about the singer’s procedure in the caption, getting into the details of his million-dollar fangs. He got them last weekend, and the two diamond fangs weigh around twelve carats. Thomas Connelly also gave credit to the team who helped Post Malone get his epic ‘ice’ smile, including a couple of diamond cutters.

As much as Post Malone is excited to share his smile online, his fans are all excited for him too. One Instagram user liked the photo and commented that the diamond fangs look beyond extraordinary. She also stated that it fits someone like Post Malone.

Another fan also commented that the singer is the opposite of his music. Where his music is relatable to the masses, everything else that he does isn’t. After all, not everybody has loads of money to pay for million-dollar diamond fangs.

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