(New York – NY) – Alt-R&B/Soul Crooner RUSSELL TAYLOR recently released his fourth studio project, “Tin Man: The Blue” to rave reviews.  “The Blue is a collection of songs that are introspective and moody; like if we could hear the color Blue speak for itself over music. Tin Man is a reference to the movie The Wiz, wherein the Tin Man was on a quest to find his heart.  The Tin Man wanted to feel.   As a Black man living in the current state of the world, to feel is to be vulnerable. To be vulnerable can be dangerous.  Tin Man is a way of expressing my vulnerability via song,” mentions Russell.
Tin Man” is a trilogy of sorts–represented by the (3) primary colors:  Blue, Red, and Yellow.  Blue represents introspection, Red represents sensuality and love, and Yellow represents bright and new.  “This album gives permission to me and others like me to feel, to love, to be open and to take leaps of faith,” he adds.  In the past, you might have listened and enjoyed the smoothness of his voice on national tv shows, such as; “Black Ink Crew“, “Degrassi The Next Generation“, “ABC’s The Fosters” and many others.  Well, the time has come for you to fall in love all over again with the crooner that is Russell Taylor and his new album.  
Thrill“, the lead single from the “Tin Man” project, which without a doubt foreshadows the tone and tenor of the album – a cerebral yet soulful thrill ride that will weave in and out of genres, mixing, matching and defying categorization. It will be an atypical delight for the music enthusiast! 
Fresh off the heels of the critically acclaimed “War of Hearts” album, Russell is set to hit the road on a national promotional tour and hand-deliver his fans the essence of the “Tin Man” project.  After being voted one of the networks You Oughta Know Artists in its first-ever crowdsourcing contest, Russell’s music stayed in heavy rotation on the network. He was also featured on VH1’s The Morning Buzz Live and the 60-second mini-performance segment Stop/Watch. Music fans may have also heard War of Hearts on television shows like The Fosters, Degrassi the Next Generation, Atlanta Exes and Black Ink Crew.
Russell says, “I live a life of gratitude. I am grateful for this God-given ability and that I have been so well-received for so long. I am grateful for all that we have achieved with War of Hearts and to all of the people – my team, my friends, my followers – who continue to support me on this journey. And it is a journey. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!”
Twitter – @RsoulStar
Instagram – @RSoulStar


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