Sisqo’s Advice to Drake: Do Not Sue Your Impostor

You can learn about Sisqo’s advice to Drake this week. As you know, the Canadian singer must have felt troubled following news about a fake Drake popping all over Miami, Florida lately.

Moreover, you can read from various entertainment news sources that this impostor has been the subject of people’s shared social media videos. Sisqo’s advice to Drake may be well-timed as the latter may have felt inconvenient as his determined impersonator has reportedly been making nightclub rounds these days. 

As this impostor stormed the Florida city, he reportedly features the authentic Drizzy’s heart-shaped haircut. As you can see, the fake Drake must be a fan of Aubrey Drake Graham’s “Certified Lover Boy” style.

Meanwhile, a cameraperson from TMZ happened to run into Sisqo in New York City recently. The media personnel queried the “Incomplete” singer if he had any words of advice for the real Drake on how to handle situations involving impostors.

The TMZ cameraperson also reminded Sisqo that he once filed a lawsuit against someone impersonating him as he relished all the benefits of being a celebrity during the 2017 New York Fashion Week. Sisqo’s advice to Drake is that he should find out who Drake 2.0 actually is.

The 42-year-old musician who popularized the track “Thong Song” also remarked that the real Drake should not sue his impostor.

From Sisqo’s advice to Drake, you can learn that a Baltimore, Maryland native like the former impersonated him, which happened to be a young man attempting to get over the singer’s handsome appearance.

Finally, Sisqo told Drake that imitation is a kind of flattery. Therefore, Sisqo’s advice to Drake is to just take these occurrences all in a stride.

You can tell that Sisqo just does not take impostors seriously. As you know, this musician’s music videos have been the subject of parodies for decades.

Plus, impersonators have taken to stages around the world to copy their idol. Nevertheless, based on Sisqo’s advice to Drake, the “Unleash the Dragon” artist did not want to bother himself with these matters he obviously found trivial for as long as nobody gets hurt physically or financially.

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