Swift Takes a Sweep Anew, Helps a Pregnant Woman Buy a House

MANCHESTER, England – Taylor Swift, the youngest artist to snatch the world-renowned Grammy Award registered a warm applaud recently after a pregnant woman revealed that she helped her buy a house.

According to Stephanie, an eight-month pregnant woman from the United Kingdom, Taylor Swift had brought out the best in her even during her teen days. But, Stephanie did not expect that her idol will help her find a new house.

Stephanie emotionally disclosed that from the start of her conception, until now that she is in her eighth month of pregnancy, she is homeless. Stephanie recalled how she enjoyed her life before, with all the dependable roofs and amenities. She told the press that because of their struggles in medical and safety procedures, they decided to sell all their belongings.

She also said that recently, the burden doubled after her husband lost his job. Stephanie expressed that she couldn’t find any means of easing her situation, but to catch Swift whenever it is possible. Stephanie added that though she is homeless, she still finds hope when Swift performs live on stage.

During the recent concert of Swift in Manchester, Stephanie’s mother made an effort to deliver the message of appreciation to Swift. According to Stephanie’s mother, she just requested the “You Belong With Me” singer to spend some quality time with her obviously depressed daughter, but the superstar even tripled her request.

After the concert, Swift called Stephanie and her mother and led them to her dressing room.

Swift Takes a Sweep Anew, Helps a Pregnant Woman Buy a House

Swift said that she is very thankful to Stephanie because she’s always been there even when she is just starting in showbiz. Swift told Stephanie that she feels so sad about her present situation and also said to her avid fan that she could anytime lend some help. Swift further pointed out that if Stephanie is facing severe challenges, she can directly contact her for some help.

As an immediate assistance, Swift asked the concert organizer to refund their concert tickets and even-handed additional financial support.

Due to the generosity showed by Swift, the mother and daughter burst out their emotions and expressed their overwhelming thanks to Swift. Stephanie said that the payback money and the additional cash would be of great help for them to buy a new house. She said that because of the assistance of Swift, they could also buy the needed stuff for her baby.

The recent act of Swift proved that she is more than the controversies and issues that squabbled her for several years. According to Stephanie, Swift is more than a hit-maker that they will forever love and admire.

Swift is an American songwriter and singer who claimed the spot as the youngest holder of Grammy Award for Album of the Year. The said singer also received the American Music Awards Artist of the year in 2011.

According to Stephanie, what Swift did is not just a simple act of kindness but another feat that must be emulated. She ended thanking Swift for bringing both new hope and house.

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