T.I. Instagram Pic with Wife Gets Fans Wishing Them Well

T.I. and Tameka have been married together since 2010. Since their union is over a decade old already, you can tell that their marriage is a strong one.

Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. posted a photo of him and his wife, Tameka Dianne Cottle, online early this week. You can see this social media snap on T.I.’s official Instagram account with the handle @troubleman31.

If you are among the 40-year-old rapper’s more than 13.8 million Instagram followers, you can see T.I. and Tameka’s backsides on the image. T.I. captioned his latest Instagram picture saying that every storm runs out of rain and ended it by saying official message Monday.

You may not know the home and family situation of T.I. and Tameka at the moment. However, you can merely assume that, hopefully, everything is working out well for Mr. and Mrs. Harris and their family.

At the time of writing, the Instagram picture showing T.I. and Tameka walking on the street with Tip holding a black umbrella has already raked in exactly 165,871 Instagram likes.

T.I.’s fans felt glad to view their favorite rap artist’s new Instagram snap with his singer-songwriter wife, who is five years his senior. One commenter said that the photo looks great and appreciated how T.I. and Tameka love each other.

The netizen then wished the couple would receive God’s blessings. Another Instagram follower and fan lauded the couple for being a beautiful family, thanking God that their marriage works. They advised T.I. and Tameka always to stay humble and blessed.

Finally, you can read one comment from a fan of the Atlanta, Georgia native and father-of-six, saying that they hope God grants T.I. and Tameka strength to carry on and the peace to cope.

As you can see, T.I.’s fans all support him and his family all the way. This fact is certainly a wonderful feeling for T.I. and Tameka because whatever storm may come in their marriage, there would always be people who care and pray for them and are always willing to give kind and sincere felicitations.

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