Terry Crews Filed Lawsuit Against WME Agent Adam Venit

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – Terry Crews sues WME agent Adam Vernit for sexual assault with regards to his claim that in February 2016, Venit groped him during a Hollywood party.

The news of the lawsuit against Adam Venit came just a little more than a week after Venit returned to work at WME after his suspension. Venit was suspended for the same cause when the agency made an internal investigation into the allegation.

Crews were represented by WME previously, which is also a defendant of the lawsuit. However, Crews fired the agency just last month after he decided to go public on his sexual assault claims.

The lawsuit claim says that Vernit groped Crew’s genitals. He further stated that Vernit squeezed them so hard that it caused him to leap back in pain. It was written that Venit has also stuck his tongue in and out in a provocative manner.

The lawsuit against Adam Venit also claims that Crews alerted Adam Sandler of what happened, stating that he was at the party and Crews yelled at him, asking what was happening.

The suit also says that on his way home from the party, Sandler called Crews to check up on him. The statement adds that Crews also told his WME agent of the incident and later met with Ari Emanuel, the WME chairman.

Terry Crews Filed Lawsuit Against WME Agent Adam Venit

Venit is the Motion Picture Department head of the agency. Crews was feeling fearful of retaliation on him reporting the allegations. However, Emanuel was said to have apologized for what Venit did and even assured Crews that he doesn’t have the level of power to do the retaliation Crews is afraid of.

Crews tweeted on November 30 about the text exchange between him and Brad Slater, his former agent at WME. In the message, Crews said that he was hanging out with Sandler last night and he was said to be “doped up,” about Adam Venit.

It continued by stating that Crews said that what happened was embarrassing and Sandler has even called him to apologize about Venit grabbing his nuts.

The photo that Crews posted on tweeter was captioned as the actual text he had with his WME agent Brad Slated 28 hours after his assault on February 4, 2016, by the agent Adam Venit. The caption continued as Crews saying that Co-Chairman of WME Ari Emanual was saying that he didn’t know anything about what happened until Crews’ tweets after 18 months of the incident.

In the lawsuit against Adam Venit filed by Crews, it was stated that the WME agency should have known in the first place about Venit being unfit, unskilled, and unable to carry out appropriately when it comes to the legal duties of a talent agent.

The agency should have known that it is reasonably likely that Venit would do the conduct before he was even hired, it continued.

Previously, Crews had filed an assault report at the Los Angeles Police Department. On October 10, he made his story and allegation public and later even tweeted about what happened. It is fueled by the sexual harassment exposes written about Harvey Weinstein in the New Yorker and New York Times.

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