The Evolution of ‘Queer Eye’: Berk’s Impactful Departure Announced

The Fab Five, a beloved group from the Emmy-winning Netflix series “Queer Eye,” is preparing to bid farewell to one of its key members. Bobby Berk, known for his expertise in interior design, announced on November 13 his departure from the show following its eighth season. He conveyed this news through a detailed Instagram post, accompanied by a collection of photos showing his time with various participants and his fellow cast members.

Berk, at 42 years old, shared images reflecting his journey on the show, culminating in a heartwarming picture of himself alongside the Fab Five: Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, and Tan France. In his message, Berk expressed deep gratitude to the Queer Eye community, which he feels has become like family to him over the past six years. He highlighted the overwhelming love and support he’s received since the show’s debut in February 2018.

According to Berk, “Queer Eye” has been a transformative experience for him, teaching him about kindness, love, and acceptance. He feels profoundly touched by the way fans have embraced and accepted him. Addressing the show’s participants, often referred to as “heroes,” Berk acknowledged their significant role in his continued involvement in the series and praised their positive influence on his life.

After years of aiding participants in revamping their living spaces, Berk revealed his plans to leave the show. He described the decision as difficult but necessary, assuring fans that while his time on Queer Eye is concluding, his connection with the audience is not. Berk hinted at future endeavors and invited fans to join him for one last season in New Orleans, signing off with the hashtag #foreverthefab5.

The Queer Eye family responded with messages of support and affection in the comments. Porowski, the food and wine connoisseur, reiterated the sentiment of lifelong unity among the group, while Brown, the culture and lifestyle expert, humorously mentioned lobbying Netflix to reconsider Berk’s departure. Van Ness, specializing in grooming and beauty, showed his love with heart emojis.

Coinciding with Berk’s announcement, the show’s social media confirmed its renewal for an eighth season, set to premiere on January 24, 2024. The series acknowledged Berk’s upcoming departure, expressing gratitude for his dedication and contributions. Netflix, along with Queer Eye producers ITV Entertainment and Scout Productions, echoed similar sentiments in a statement to, emphasizing Berk’s perpetual membership in the Fab Five family.

The seventh season of “Queer Eye” premiered in May, during which the co-hosts discussed their experiences and learnings with Berk shared insights from working with Season Seven’s standout participant, Stephanie Williams, emphasizing the importance for queer individuals to embrace their true selves. He also reminisced about the show’s early days during Season One, reflecting on its evolution over eight seasons and 10 Emmy wins, leading up to his forthcoming departure.

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