TOP 5 Gadgets to buy on Black Friday

Every year one of the biggest holiday shopping days is Black Friday; this one day has been responsible for turning seemingly modest people into demonstrating mob-like mentality for a chance to get one-day-only deals.


The iPad, currently in a category all on its own, has become the eye candy for many people, and we assure you that this will be the number 1 item sought after for Black Friday. We should mention that Samsung has released the Galaxy Tab, which debuted this month; however, we still have not seen many in the wild, but the price is right, and the features are very cool.

TOP ITEMS: iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab


Gaming this holiday season stepped it up with more internet gaming and new titles.

TOP ITEMS: XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, Wii


Getting a brand new smartphone like the ones here for a holiday will sure make us smile, and we bet that your friends or your family will too.

TOP ITEMS: HTC EVO & HD 7, iPhone 4, Droid X 2


Of course, many people rush out to get Flat-screen LCD TVs for a reasonable price on Black Friday and if, for some reason, your house is not filled with them already. This season is a great time to get a shiny new LCD for your bedroom or living room because the prices for these “bad boys” have never been lower. Look for models that come with Google TV.

TOP ITEMS: Sony NSX-46GT1, Panasonic TC-PVT20/25, LG LX9500


4) We added the camera category to this article because there have been so many new points and shoot, SLR, and video cameras coming out that we thought it deserved mention. Although many of us have forgotten the joy of having an additional device to take a snapshot of our HOT girlfriend(s), there are many reasons to grab one up for Black Friday, especially since you will find that many of the new cameras will not break your bank.

TOP ITEMS: Nikon D3100, Canon Powershot S95

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