Who is Lori Harvey And Why is Everyone Talking About Her?


So who exactly is Lori Harvey?

Lori Harvey is the 22-year-old step-daughter of comedian and TV host, Steve Harvey. She’s Marjorie Harvey’s daughter with ex-husband, Darnell Woods.

She is a professional model and has over 1 million followers on Instagram. So she is somebody, but not somebody everyone knew until Meek Mill dropped her name in one of his latest singles, Going Bad. In it, her name is mentioned only two times and yet it’s caused people to look her up and blow her notifications through the roof.

Making the most out of her 15 minutes of fame

Lori Harvey Jay Z

Not long after Lori Harvey is injected into the rap world, she makes rounds online for mingling with another rapper. This time, she’s going for the gold.

Now that Lori Harvey has a ton of new followers who are only around for the tea, anything and everything she posts online will catch fire. One of her Instagram stories is solid proof of this.

In February, the model posted an Instagram story of her having a conversation with Jay Z. No one really knows what the two were talking about but many have pointed out how she seemed to be flirting with the rap mogul. To make things worse, some lip readers have chimed in and are saying that Jay Z said something along the lines of, ‘But I have a wife’. And that wife, is Beyoncé.

Lori Harvey

The Beyhive came for Lori Harvey as fast as her rise to fame.

Unfortunately for Steve Harvey’s step-daughter, the Queen Bee arrived at the event just minutes after the conversation.

If anything, Lori Harvey has to learn where she stands, unless she likes getting hate more than the regular kind of fame.


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