Once Again R. Kelly Is Booked For The Sex Crime


On February 25, 2019, R and B artist, R. Kelly was released from jail at a bail of $100,000. R. Kelly had to spend the weekend at a county jail; the singer surrendered in front of the Chicago police officials on Friday. Kelly had pleaded of being innocent in front of the court of law; he was accused of sex crimes against four victims. If Kelly is found guilty, then he might even face life imprisonment as three of his victims was underage.

In the wake of the hour, another victim of R. Kelly has come forward and she alleged Kelly of sexually harassing her a decade ago. Hearing the charges made by another victim, prosecutors have started to look in the matter. They have started to look at the case files and videotapes of the victims who had charged the singer of sexual abuse in the past. The documentary series about the singer is named as Surviving R. Kelly.

R. Kelly

The woman named Lisa Van Allen was one of the girls who was featured in a sex tape released back in 2008. Lisa was only 17 years of age at that time. Lisa told the concerning authorities about the atrocities which she had to face through Kelly. Lisa also told the authorities that back then she had to suffer from mental and physical breakdown as people had started to accuse her as a liar and she also feared for the safety of her life. Currently, Lisa has shared her side of the story through the means of Surviving R. Kelly documentary.

At present, Lisa is hopeful that she, along with other victims of R. Kelly will get what he truly deserves. Speaking to the press, Lisa said that back in 2008 whatever she said was to protect her interest and she was weak, to tell the truth in the court of law. Lisa also said that in the wake of present-day scenario she’s hopeful that she and all other victims will get justice.


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