A Quick Product Review for the DroidVPN Software

DroidVPN is an easy-to-use VPN software that can be used for both Windows computers and Android devices. The task of the app is to keep one’s connection secure by encrypting one’s internet activities.

A person using this app will not have to reveal his IP address, nor the location where he is currently at. In other words, the user becomes absolutely anonymous. All the software and programs installed on the device will automatically function through the VPN instead of the usual proxy and server.

Another perk that users can enjoy in using this is the fast internet connection. Most of the time, people experience lagging connection because of the ISP. However, with the use of the mentioned app, the throttling will be bypassed.

Anonymous Browsing

Because one is hiding behind a phone or a monitor, surfing the internet can give off the feel that no one is monitoring him. However, in reality, the person can put himself at risk due to the information exposed to many factors.

With that, some people seek ways on how to make their internet activities more private. Some would opt to go into incognito mode when browsing. However, it is barely enough to make one anonymous.

But with DroidVPN, not even the website owners will be aware of where their visitor is searching from. The user will get to enjoy absolute anonymity from the ISP or from the government since they will not be able to track the websites that you visit.

Fast Internet Connection

Many people are struggling with internet speed, which is why most of them go from one location to another, thinking that moving to a different spot will boost the Wi-Fi signal.

A Quick Product Review for the DroidVPN Software

Even though the location of the router is partly the reason as to why one’s internet speed is more or less fast, one’s ISP may also have something to do with it. As a matter of fact, most of the internet connection problems are caused by the ISP. Seeing as it tracks the internet activities of a person, the ISP can possibly throttle one’s internet connection.

But seeing as DroidVPN lets the user be anonymous, the ISP will no longer have access to one’s internet activities, and thus browsing speed cannot be throttled.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Operating Systems: Android and Windows
  • Have been downloaded over 2,500 times
  • The app is free to use
  • Comes with experimental features. The user is allowed to suggest a specific feature and the developers will try to instigate the newly elected feature for trial.

Existing Product Reviews

Most people have commended this service due to its versatility. Users can easily switch from one device to another because it supports both Windows and Android operating systems.

Customers also happily declared that they had no problem working the app since it is user-friendly and easy to use.

Things to Improve

Some customers suggested that the app was merely an entry-level VPN software, adding that if people were thinking of hiding more serious matters or activities, the best approach would be to switch to a more delicate app.


All in all, the DroidVPN is easy to use and is versatile, making it a decent choice for most internet users. However, for more important matters, the developers may want to give the app more leeway.

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