Apple Releases The All-New iPhone 14 And Its Variants Amid Supply Chain C

It seems like it’s only yesterday when Apple introduced their iPhone 11; now, their advance couldn’t get any faster. Despite crises in the supply chains, Apple did not falter as they introduced the newest addition to their family – Apple iPhone 14.

However, unlike before, its introduction did not come in with a loud bang. Instead, it focused on its enhanced features and removed the need for a physical sim card.

During their conference in California, Apple introduced three new hardware: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Plus. Its base model costs around $799 while the Pro Max could reach up to $1,100.

People are wondering why the price did not also increase that much compared to when the team launched the previous models of the iPhone. Although not the main reason, the pandemic contributed to it significantly.

After China’s zero tolerance on some COVID-related policies, which greatly impacted production, India took over the supply chain. This transition allowed Apple’s prices to stay flat.

The new iPhone 14 comes with a new pair of earbuds, which might be a marketing strategy to keep customers loyal and hooked to the technology.

Apple remains competitive as it started this year, with the iPhone 13 being the global best-selling smartphone.

The new iPhone brags about longer battery life and enhanced photo lenses, including an ultra-wide lens and low-light settings.

Apple launched the iPhone 14 and introduced the newest series of the Apple watch – the Apple Series 8 Watch, which can detect body temperature and other bodily functions.

GlobalData analyst Neil Saunders stated that these new upgrades from Apple are incremental and provide more value, which is a shift from its usual groundbreaking upgrades.

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