Beats X: Comfortable Pair of Wireless Earphones for Everyday Use

The Beats X is a pair of wireless earphones from the leading audio brand, Beats, by Dr. Dre.  Since Apple acquired Beats in 2014, it is not surprising that this pair of Beats earphones has a lot of similarities with Apple’s popular Airpods. Beats X is equipped with Apple’s W1 wireless chip, which improves the conventional Bluetooth technology with its added benefits like the easy paring feature.

Marketed as the “affordable, light, comfortable headphone for all throughout the day,” Beats X has a lot to offer when it comes to quality sound entertainment.  The following are the salient features that make this in-ear gadget a smart buy:

Reliable Wireless Feature, Easy Sync, and Longer Battery Life

Through the advanced W1 Chip inside it, Beats X features its stable wireless operation, seamless syncing with iOS devices, and a longer battery life. This wireless pair of earphones is easy to pair with an iPhone, an iPad or an Apple watch. The Beats X can automatically detect an Apple gadget nearby, popping up a command asking the user if he wishes to connect the Beats X and the Apple device. By just clicking “Yes,” the two gadgets get synced.

The W1 Chip also does wonders when it comes to the earphones’ battery life. Compared to the similar Apple AirPods which has a battery life of around six hours, the Beats X lasts for approximately eight hours between charges.

Average Sound Quality

For a pair of modest earphones, the sound quality of the Beats X is relatively stable.  This small audio gear surprisingly produces full, highly audible sounds. Though, some customers disapproved the Beats brand because it produces sounds that are heavy on bass. The clarity of the audio generated by the Beats X earphones, however, is just enough for a day-to-day audio device.

Design That Promotes Comfort and Convenience

The Beats X features earbuds with four sets of tips made of silicone.  The soft silicone material makes the Beats X more comfortable to wear. Likewise, the silicone’s premiere quality allows the earbuds to remain still while inside the ear canals without becoming greasy after use. What’s more, there are two sizes of wings that you may opt to put on over the silicone tips to keep the earbuds securely in place.

The design of the Beats X’s cable and command buttons is also remarkable. The cable joining the two earphones can be draped around the user’s neck for a more convenient use. It also has plastic pieces attached on its side for extra stability. One plastic piece holds the on/off button, while the other plastic piece contains the charging port. Moreover, located in the upper left portion of the cable is a set of control buttons for play/pause, fast forward, and replay.

True to what the brand claims, the Beats X is truly a good investment gadget for daily use. For a user who simply needs a comfortable headset for day-to-day music listening and phone calls, this device is highly recommended. Users should not expect stereo-quality audio though.

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