Best Drone for Beginners – Altair 818 Hornet


There are so many drone makers today that it’s become a real challenge picking out your first one. It’s important to know that buying a top of the line drone from big companies is NOT the best way to go. As much as one would think to purchase their first drone from an already famous brand, you’re actually better off buying one at a price point you’re more than comfortable with.

Even if you had the extra cash to spend, buying an expensive drone will be a waste of your hard earned money. Learning how to fly a drone takes a lot of time and over the learning stage you might actually damage it out of inexperience. Some have even gone as far as losing their drones altogether.

With that said, it’s time you redirect your attention from expensive, professional-level drones to more practical, entry-level ones like the Altair Air 818 Hornet. At just $169, it’s the best one to get started with.

Best battery capacity in the market

DRONE hornet

One fo the best features of the Altair Air 818 Hornet is its long flight time. It tops the list for longest flight time for drones under $200, clocking in at 15 minutes. Heck, the 15-minute flight time beats any other drone under the $500 price point!

Why is battery capacity so important?

One may wonder when they’d ever need to capture anything that long. But trust us, having a long flight time isn’t about that at all.

Having a battery that will deliver more flight time means you newbie pilots have more time to practice flying it.

Your first drone isn’t really about learning how to take great footage with the small aircraft. In fact, expert pilots have given this piece of advice countless times. Your first drone purchase should first and foremost be about learning how to fly it. This is why having a better battery capacity is something you should look into when making your purchase. This is also why it’s highly unnecessary to buy an expensive first drone.

Beginner’s Best Bet

The Altair Air 818 Hornet comes with more features that make it beginner-friendly. For starters, it has propeller guards that make it more durable than those without them.

It also comes with stability features made for pilots who are just starting out. To add to the ease of learning, take-off and landing can be done with just one push of a button. To take things even further, the controller comes with an emergency landing button, perfect for when your inexperience gets in the way of your learning.

Out of all the drones under $200, the Altair Air 818 Hornet performed the best in both indoor and outdoor settings.

With the safety features of the Altair Air 818 Hornet any beginner can learn to fly a drone without having to charge experience too high a bill.

Because the basic drone does not come with a homing feature, beginner pilots are encouraged to fly the aircraft according to the guidelines such as paying strict attention to wind speeds.

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