Bourge Design’s Venus: Classy and Costly With Its Sci-fi Look

After Bourge Design’s Arc Hub, one of the best USB-C hubs in the market, the company now releases yet another amazing product. The wireless charger named Venus is setting a new thrill of excitement in the realm of wireless charging. CES 2018 has showcased a vast display of Qi Chargers. And Apple’s latest wireless charging devices had been a blast since its release four months ago.

Bourge Design has released essential accessories for smartphones and computers. This time, the company focused on creating a unique design with the most high-end features in the field of wireless charging.


World-class nautical vessels inspired the design of Venus. The seamless, curved aluminum edges that sweep to a point are one of the many elegant features of Venus. The curve resembles the grandeur of a ship’s hull. There is a precision-cut glass atop that is angled and elevated tactically to provide a view on your phone’s screen while it is charging.

The triangular shape of the charger serves its purpose for the smartphones with bulging cameras. It allows the phone to lie flat on the surface and the camera hangs off the edge while the connection to the Qi charger is still stable. Moreover, the design gives the user a choice whether to have a landscape or portrait position of the phone while charging.

Its aluminum bar found at the bottom of the dock and the rubber strip located in its interior prevent the phone from slipping and falling. Within the bar also is a LED indicator to check that your smartphone established a connection to Venus.


Bourge Design’s Venus: Classy and Costly With Its Sci-fi Look

Venus comes with a 10W Qi charger and two ports, one USB 3.0 port and a USB-C port. The USB 3.0 part supports fast charging to your smartphones. And since USB-C powers Venus, you can plug it into any computer equipped with USB-C or into the wall adapter.

Venus Duo

With the second unit of Venus, you can turn it into a home hub. Pairing two Venus units lets you charge multiple devices. You can attach two Venus chargers with its connectors and built-in magnets. Venus Duo has two fast-charging USB 3.0 ports which can support up to 2A and two USB-C ports which can also power up to 15W.

All smartphones with Qi charging work with Venus. Even with phone cases, you can still charge your phone. Although in some instances, it depends on the thickness of the phone’s case. However, most of the metal- and battery-cased smartphones will not work with Venus. Venus works well with Bourge Design’s cases like the iPhone X.

Bourge Design will start shipping Venus in the second quarter of 2018. With its most polished innovation, the price does not come in handy. Its retail price is $99.99, and its available now for pre-order at $89.99. The Venus Dou costs $159.99 with its retail price at $169.99.

Venus, Bourge Design’s newly released wireless charger, will surely make a hit for individuals who are up for unique design and high-end features.

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