Cute and Smart Alarm Clock: Amazon Echo Spot Review

A few months after Amazon unveiled their Echo Show, they featured a smaller and adorable version of the gadget, the Amazon Echo Spot. The tiny device contains all the features and functionalities of the much bigger Show, but everything is now wrapped in a more adorable package.

Fuller and Crisper Music and Media

The 1.4-inch speaker of the Amazon Echo Spot might not be the most incredible speaker ever made. It harbors the quality of an excellent device within its size. Compared to the Dot, the Spot can provide a fuller and crisper audio. It can even give you a better sound quality than your MacBook Air.

Like all the Echo devices, it can also be used if you want music playback. All you need to do is say what you want to hear, and it will play pre-curated songs from the Amazon Music. The display will also let you scroll music lyrics for you to sing along.

Compact and Lightweight

The Amazon Echo Spot is now the cutest device that Amazon has ever produced. It looks like a retro alarm clock with its spherical body and circular display. It can be used wherever you want inside your home. The device being extremely portable and lightweight, you can transport it wherever you want.

The gadget only measures 4.1 × 3.8 × 3.6 inches and weighs less than a pound. More than that, the Spot features a sturdy matte plastic that you can choose between white and black. The display is a full circle about 2.5 inches across and packs a 480 × 480 screen resolution. It is colorful and bright and is fully functional if you want to show calendar overview, to-do lists, or the weather.

Not a Lot of Competition

Cute and Smart Alarm Clock: Amazon Echo Spot Review

Today, there are only a few gadgets like the Echo Spot. Its most prominent rival is still the bigger version of the device which is the Echo Show. It has a larger display which is ideal for watching videos. However, the bigger screen also comes as more expensive too.

If having a bigger screen is not that important and all you want is a reliable smart device to listen to music and an alarm system, the smaller version would be an excellent choice.

Pros and Cons

One of the best things that people love about the Amazon Echo Spot is its cute design. Albeit its rather small body, it packs some of the best functionalities of a smart device. Although the screen is somewhat smaller compared to its predecessor, its touchscreen feature can still enhance the Alexa experience and video calls.


The Echo Spot is the latest device to bring Alexa experience using a tiniest smart alarm clock. Whether you want to know the time and the weather, have a to-do list companion, or make video calls and listen to good music, the Echo Spot is your go-to device at home. As much as it looks good on your nightstand, you can also use it in the kitchen as your recipe guide.

With all these features and functionalities in a tiny gadget, the Amazon Echo Spot is definitely the modern-day smart alarm clock.

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