Fast and Furious: The Latest Dell XPS 13 Review

The latest Dell XPS 13 is the smallest 13.3-inch laptop that has a borderless InfinityEdge display. The nice 13.3-inch display has been squeezed into an 11-inch screen frame. With this, it allows the users to have more screen in a lighter manner. The laptop has also been made stronger by the latest Intel processors on the market.

Dell XPS 13 values a faster performance to upgrade the user experience. More so, its light frame allows anyone to carry the laptop anywhere they wish to.

XPS 13 by Dell is not really new in the computer scene. In fact, it has been introduced by the technology company several times. It has undergone various updates before finally arriving at its very recent one. Dell also extended the laptop’s design to a larger version, Dell XPS 15.

Although Dell was not able to address all the flaws from the previous versions of Dell XPS 13, the laptop is remarkably better than its old issue.

Fast and Furious: The Latest Dell XPS 13 Review

Stunning Display

Dell XPS 13 commits itself to a stunning display. It has an UltraSharp QHD+ resolution of 3200 × 1800 that is amenable to an upgrade to a detailed screen with 5.7 million pixels or 276 ppi.

Users can also see clearly with every angle because of the laptop’s IGZO IPS panel that provides a wide and nice viewing angle of up to 170 degrees. Moreover, it has gorgeous colors calibrated with awesome brightness and darkness with a color gamut of 72% and an impeccable 1000:1 contrast ratio.

The laptop’s display is also tap and swipe capable given its touchscreen options. In this way, users can interact easily with his/her screen making the most out of the laptop experience.

A Fully Loaded Compact Laptop

XPS 13 has it all for every user. It features the newest 8th generation Intel processors with Dell Dynamic Power Mode. It has an increased performance that is capable of multitasking, indeed very ideal and efficient especially for working individuals and students.

XPS 13 has a longer battery life that can be used for up to 22 hours without internet connection and at least 13 hours while on Netflix or browsing the internet. The laptop also allows an additional 11 hours and 30 minutes of battery life with the Dell Power Companion feature (optional).

Product Features and Specifications

XPS 13 runs a Windows 10 Home operating system (OS). The laptop maintains its maximum durability with a sturdy design that features a Corning Gorilla Glass NBT touch display which is ten times more scratch-resistant compared to the usual soda lime glass.

The laptop’s palm rest is made from carbon fiber. This material helps the laptop to not heat up even in longer user hours. It is powerfully efficient that is ENERGY STAR certified.

XPS 13 commits itself to having its materials 90% recyclable.

The Takeaway

Dell XPS 13 could be one of the most sought laptops that do not compromise the quality of display instead work around it well. Its elegant design is considered to be one of its takeaways. The laptop comes with silver or rose gold color options.

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