Google Is Set to Release Two Additional Search Function Features

Google has always been the go-to of people when they want to search for something. The search engine has everything from music to recipes to different niches, which is why many people rely on it very much. Not only does it contain news and articles, but it also gives you search results from forums and blog posts. People have often found help in similar experiences felt or encountered by others, which is why the company is excited to announce two new features that it will add to the traditional search: search results directly from forums and translation of news headlines via machine learning.

The search engine is set to dedicate a separate space for online forums such as Reddit and Quora in the search result interface that will allow users to browse through different posts from different people. It is also a way for the world to better connect since experiences come from various sources, mostly global perspectives. This added feature will only be available in the United States for users using their mobile phones to search; its global launch has not been discussed yet.

Its translated news articles feature will allow users to search for international news that is not written in English and yield related local news coverage with the help of Google’s machine learning tech.

According to the tech giant, this feature’s main purpose is to provide global perspectives on international issues and news that people might not hear about when they live in another country. This feature is currently in beta testing but will be available sometime next year. The first languages on the list that it can translate into English are Spanish, German, and French. Google will add other languages in the future.

Once again, Google has proven itself to be reliable when it comes to search results. You can bet that the company will add new features in the future.

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