iPhone XR review

The newest model of Apple is out, the iPhone XR, and so are our excitement levels to know what’s new this time. But you all will be shocked by the revelation that this time iPhone has come up with a lower cost model in this September launch. Yes, a less price iPhone, finally!

The iPhone XR is very much similar to its successors iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. They all have got the same fast A12 bionic chip, front-facing, and wide-angle camera, wireless charging tech, Face ID support, and same speakers too. So, now you would be asking, then what’s the difference? It is the cost, i.e., $250 less.

So, let us dig in deeper and compare the phones to know if this phone is actually the exact same as the fancier options iPhone XS and XS Max.

Screen & Display

The iPhone XR comes with a 6.1 inches screen right between XS at 5.8 inches and XS Max at 6.5 inches. Personally, I never enjoyed the big screens of Apple; they are not single-hand friendly at all. So, with XR, I can say this is the best fit for a perfect, handy phone.

About display, iPhone XR uses LCD screen instead of the OLED used in the XS. The resolution is also a slight on the lower side of 1080p, and so you might have to say bye-bye to full HD videos and sharp images. This might be the biggest drawback, especially with 4K videos streaming online, but many people do not care, especially at a price it is available. And one cannot spot the difference unless very professional in the field.

Another missing thing is the 3D touch pressure sensitive feature. This feature allows you to firmly press on apps for revealing more information. But I don’t think this feature can be a deal breaker; however, very few people even use it.


When it comes to design, at first, it looks identical to the XS with top-notch and curved corners. But when you keep them together, then you will see the difference. The ‘to the edge’ feeling is missing because of the bezels around. It is also heavier than its predecessor iPhone XS.

Another thing to be noted is the aluminum frame used in XR instead of the extra durable steel frame used on the fancy higher-end phones.


This time Apple has tried something new by coming up with bold, vibrant colors instead of the space grey, silver, and gold. You can choose from 6 fun shades – white, black, coral, red, blue, and yellow (my personal favorite is the yellow one). And trust me, these hues look better in person even more than the advertisements.


iPhone XR

iPhone XR comes with a front camera for selfies and a single wide-angle lens camera on the back. Without the second camera in the back, it puts limitations to your zooming in. So with this device, you will be missing the 2x optical zoom mode.

But apart from that, there is nothing wrong with the camera. You will get same image quality as in the iPhone XS.


The best feature in the iPhone XR is its battery life. You get at least an hour or two more battery life than the XS and XS Max. This is practically the main reason you should go for iPhone XR (of course, apart from the less price).

In a nutshell, iPhone XR is a great option Apple has introduced with 90% of the features of iPhone XS and XS Max and only 70% of the price.


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