Red Hydrogen One Review

The Red hydrogen one isn’t actually a smartphone. It is basically a camera which has most of the features of a smartphone. It is really an amazing gadget with an extraordinary price tag. Hydrogen one is actually a pocket camera like Cannon or Nikon, and thus it is not right to compare it with smartphones made by Samsung, L.G or Apple.

The reason behind the immense popularity of the Red’s Hydrogen One is its 3D camera. The device is equipped with 3D cameras both in the front and back. These cameras are capable of taking amazing 3D pictures. This is the first ever phone equipped with 3D cameras. You can also enjoy high clarity 3D movies and videos on it 4V display. Here are some more features which makes Hydrogen One a worthy device.

The Camera

Red Hydrogen One

The founder of the RED company said in an interview that Hydrogen one is not actually a cell phone but an image capturing machine. Therefore the best part of the device is its extraordinary camera. Hydrogen one has the ability to capture 3D pictures and videos which the company called  Four views or 4V. In total there are four cameras in the device two in the front and two at the back.

On the back, there is a pair of 12.3 MP cameras. The cameras have powerful 1.55 um pixels. It is greater than the Pixel 2 or Samsung Galaxy S9 as they only have 1.40 um. The aperture of the camera is f1.8 which is smaller than the above-mentioned devices. However, it’s not that important while taking pictures. The front camera is again superb though not as powerful as the rear one.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can’t simply share a 3D picture you took on the Hydrogen one. The receiver will only be able to see it if he is also having a device which supports 3D images or else he will see a simple 2D picture.

3D Media

Another specialty of the device is that you can enjoy 3D videos or movies on it. However, the display clarity is not really good. It has a low contrast display with visible pixels almost like older TFT monitors. The color reproduction and image quality is average but is very low in comparison to other flagship smartphones like the S9.

Durable design

In terms of durability, I don’t think any other smartphone will able to beat the Red Hydrogen one. It has a heavy and bulky body which is resistant to shock. Nothing will happen to the device even if it accidentally drops from your hand. It is a kind of camera which you can carry with full confidence while trekking or doing other outdoor activity.

Final Verdict

Hydrogen one is a device which performs well as a camera which can take decent pictures. However, it stands nowhere in front of the latest smartphone in terms of display and performance. It is also really expensive, and in my opinion, it is a bad choice to go for the Hydrogen one in 2018.

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