Sony UBP-X1000ES Review: A High-End Performer

Sony’s latest offering for 4K Blu-ray is the Sony UBP-X1000ES which is starting to have quite a massive fanbase for what it is worth. It offers nothing short of superb musicality and video, making it a high-end and star performer. But, when it comes to a Sony product, you would never expect less than excellent.

There are some things about the UBP-X1000ES that are similar to its predecessor, the UBP-X1000ES. But that is all understandable since the two models share the same chassis design and spotted matte finish. However, what makes Sony UBP-X1000ES better and posher than Sony’s later version are the new features and functionalities it brings.

The UBP-X1000ES features a phono analog for its audio output that is gold-plated and located at the rear. It also incorporates 192kHz/32-bit DAC that is a high-end option in its class. Among other things, the UBP-X1000ES is excellent when it comes to the power supply in addition to its FL status display. If you have Savant, Crestron, or Control4, the UBP-X1000ES can support them including other smart home control protocols.

Top-Notch Performance

This Sony flagship is impressively high-end when it comes to UHD playback, and it is among the many features that make UBP-X1000ES top-notch. It provides photos extreme details, and the test patterns come out with no visible artifacts. You get nothing short of band-free and smooth color gradations, and it can upscale your regular HD Blu-rays impressively.

The DAC used in this Sony music player is also a quality one which features crisp, musical, and airy analog output. Whether you want to play a light acoustic piece or rock pieces, the Sony UBP-X1000ES can do a superb job.

Other Notable Features

Sony UBP-X1000ES Review: A High-End Performer

The Sony UBP-X1000ES is a music player that offers a variety of features and functionalities to improve user experience significantly. It consists of two HDMI ports with one offering audio only and the other with full AV. This feature aims to provide users an untarnished audio HDMI feed. Moreover, there is a USB port, optical and coaxial digital outputs, wired Ethernet instead of a dual-band Wi-Fi, and an IR remote port.

With the UBP-X1000ES, you can also get comprehensive audio output options. You can choose digital outputs which range from 48KHz or 96KHz to even 192KHz. For low-bitrate audio pieces, there is the DSEE HX audio more upscale to help you get around.

What People Are Saying About UBP-X1000ES

A lot of users like the latest innovations and additional functions put into the UBP-X1000ES that weren’t in later versions of Sony players. It can provide audiophile-grade sonics and unmatched 4K videos. Most users also boast about the pristine UHD Blu-ray photos that the UBP-X1000ES can bring as well as its excellent audio performance.

However, some picky users are a little miffed that it costs a bit more than the last music player Sony released. However, it is not exactly a downside since the features and functionalities of the UBP-X1000ES it is equipped with are worth the extra.


Sony products are one of the notable pieces you can find on the market. If what you are looking for in a player are fantastic video quality and supreme audio output, you’ve definitely come to the right option with the Sony UBP-X1000ES.

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