Pioneer DJ Unveils Portable and Sleek DDJ-1000

KAWASAKI, Japan ­­­­– Celebrating its 80th anniversary this 2018, Pioneer revealed its latest controller, the DDJ-1000, which offers a captivating, pro-look for a club’s man-in-charge. The unit is created to resemblea DJ’s traditional setup in a club. Moreover, this complete pad is paired with its rekordbox DJ software and incorporates enhanced features on Pioneer’s other controller models. The unit made its debut just days before the National Association of Music Merchants 2018 (NAMM 2018) show.

DDJ-1000’s full-packed jog dials give a whole new convenience and portability, nearly similar to its forerunner CDJ-2000NXS model play in nightclubs. Pioneer gave all their best to this controller with a centered LCD display with full-color. With this LCD display, one can view information such as the time remaining and the song’s BPM, waveform, and key, displayed with its complete key points that have been installed. The user may also customize the color of the LCD by using the Jog Display screens.

As a smart feature, this new Pioneer DJ baby can select tracks that sound compatible in a smooth transition due to its rekordbox DJ’s Related Tracks feature. Tracks can be looped in an auto-mix playlist laid smoothly by its own algorithm. In addition, this feature also allows natural automatic mixing and gives more intricate criteria. It also promotes its 14 available beat FX. The four brand new beats include Enigma Jet, Mobius Saw, Mobius Triangle, and Low Cut Echo.

Weighing 13 pounds, this beating machine also features Slip Reverse which was first recognized on the NXS2 generation of CDJs. This means that it also has the ability to activate the Slip Mode automatically by pressing the reverse button. This model promises a unique rekordbox DJ experience with its dedicated 4-channel DJ controller.

Pioneer DJ Unveils Portable and Sleek DDJ-1000

 Moreover, the unit is powered by 16 multi-colored Performance Pads, all back-lit and in rubber form. The club-style layout of its wheels also grants the similar encounter of spinning USB drives with a NXS2 setup. The DJ may swiftly unleash Loops, Hot Cues, Keyboard Mode, Pad FX, Beat Jump, Beat Loop, Sampler, and Key Shift. Channels can also be divided conveniently when playing with a partner DJ as each channel can be assigned to a different USB port.

According to Pioneer DJ’s website, DDJ-1000 may be partnered with their flagship over-ear DJ headphones, HDJ-X10, and their 8-inch reference speakers S-DJ80X. Since its release, many tech reviewers noticed the borrowed features of the unit, and the familiarity seems to help.

Its durability is also notable as its Magvel Fader can take on 10 million motions. Reduced latency can also be observed, thanks to DDJ-1000’s software processing of the crossfader and jog wheel. This beating machine is covered with aluminum and acrylic-finished top panel and has 4 inputs to allow flexibility in using analog turntables. Professional PA equipment can also be connected with its 2 Master and 2 MIC inputs.

Pioneer DJ achieved the sophisticated, high-end, and portable controller goals, and they are set to drop DDJ-1000 on mid-February starting from $1,199. The price is said to include the rekordbox DJ license, which is worth $129.

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