Call of Duty: WWII Finally Works Properly With New Update

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Call of Duty: WWII’s brand-new update had just recently been released, bringing Call of Duty gamers to a whole new level of fun and breathtaking experience. However, the frontrunner in the whole update is making everything in the social space of the Headquarters (HQ) work.

Call of Duty: WWII is a first-person shooter game initially released last November 3, 2017. This game engages players in a combat across the famous World War II locations.  This entry’s newest added feature is the Headquarters social space. This feature lets gamers participate in events such as defending the area with other players.

Right after the release of the single-player campaign game, Sledgehammer Games, the game developer, had received comments from players regarding Headquarters issues. To satisfy their beloved players, they did not let this update pass by without addressing the issue.

The previous issuance of HQ was a disaster because one couldn’t take part in player to player duel, not to mention doing things along with other players, which can earn you rewards, in retrospect. Although you could invite other players to take part in your current HQ session, most duelers found it an inconvenience. Along with the aforementioned problems, there were also other issues facing the previous setup such as game crashes, server and connectivity issues, and so on.

Call of Duty WWII Finally Works Properly With New Update

Luckily, with Call of Duty: WWII’s newly released update, these issues have already been solved. Apart from HQ improvements, what players loved about the update is the resolution of the black screen phenomenon that players would usually experience whenever they would leave the match.  

There were also issues regarding the granting of experience (XP) points. Players reported that they were not always granted the XP points that they had supposedly earned. Sledgehammer Games has already fixed this issue in the update that was released.

Players also grumbled about Scorestreak Training issues that they encountered whenever they applied the custom match settings, prior to playing Call of Duty: WWII. This issue has been also resolved per the request of players.

The long list of complaints just kept on coming. One of the complaints that took the developers a while to fix was the issue in the party leader mode. Players reported that even though the leader already left a match, the screen still showed him in the middle of the duel.

Probably what the players despised most of all the issues was the customization settings. When players tried to change the uniforms or armors of the character, the avatar would show the exact previous look that the character had, which would then be followed by the kicking out of the player from the customization settings page.

The players and developer alike faced debacles in the first setup of the game’s HQ feature. Luckily, with the honest review of the players, as well as the willingness and determination of the developer to take the game to the next level, the gizmo world now has a new and improved Call of Duty: WWII.

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