Flynn: Son of Crimson Review: Best 2D Game to Play

There are many games in the market, and if you wish to play them all, you might have a hard time choosing which game to play first. Many gamers enjoy playing tactical games, while others love thrilling games. If you’re not having fun playing this genre, you might want to try something fun and light, like 2D games.

Games with pixelated art are one of the most played video games by a lot of gamers. It’s not only cute and appealing in the eyes, but the story of these games is impressive. If you can’t think of a good 2D game to play, here’s the Flynn: Son of Crimson review.

Game Information

  • Released Date: September 15, 2021
  • Developer: Studio Thunderhorse
  • Publisher: Humble Games
  • Genre: Action, Platformer, 2D Game
  • Console: PlayStation 4


The story of Flynn: Son of Crimson starts with the protagonist named Flynn. He’s an orphan and a young man who wants to pursue the shades of his early stages. As he chases these shadows, he awakens Crimson’s ancient power within him.

You’ll discover ruins of the ancient world of Rosantica, along with monuments and effigies. These monuments are Sorrell’s statues, which was a goddess. It will reveal clues to your main character’s beginners. These will also unlock new abilities or powers. Moreover, you’ll encounter revealing secret pathways, fight fierce monsters, hang out with dogs, and trade villagers.

Flynn will have to deal with enemies as he explores the world. He can use different weapons to fight his battles, and he’ll even have a companion called Dex, a loyal and mystical creature.


You’ll play Flynn in a third-person perspective, and it’s an action game. It’s fast-paced, but it’s not too complicated to play at all. The combat system of this video game is very satisfying, and it’s not very brutal at all. It will give you a “game feel,” which you’ll appreciate further. You’ll have to punch enemies or use your weapon to defeat them.

Aside from fighting enemies, you’ll also have to trade gems, which you’ll get throughout the game. It will let you learn new strategies for your character’s arsenal. Moreover, there are also different weapons involved.

There’s a challenge mode available, where you’ll encounter extra resources. You can test your character’s skills in the area through boss rush trials and survival. Also, there’s a Rozia Story DLC feature, with an alternate character with Flynn. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy playing this game on your PlayStation 4.


The Flynn: Son of Crimson is one of the best 2D games of this generation because of many things, like the following features.

The graphics of this game is one reason why you’ll enjoy it. At first, you’ll stumble on an animation about the game, but when you start playing the game, everything is in 2D graphics. The world that Flynn is about to explore is designed with full perfection. Aside from that, the characters are also very appealing in the eyes. It’s one reason why it doesn’t look very brutal even when there’s an involved combat system. You’ll undoubtedly love the hand-crafted pixel art.

The combat system is also very impressive because it’s quick. When you trade trinkets, you learn new combat methods, and you can also experience runes with a veteran from an old war.

Another reason to love this game is how it can be challenging also. It may look cute because of its 2D art, but the gameplay can be challenging on some levels. There’s one level where you can evaluate your strength in the Rustwood coliseum.

Flynn’s companion named Dex will make your gaming experience worthwhile, who’s a mythical creature. You’ll need Dex’s help as you continue to explore the non-linear world of this game, and you’ll also love how loyal this creature is to Flynn.

This game doesn’t only involve fantasy, but it also involves the real world. As you control Flynn, you’ll dip in and out of a different dimension to make some changes in the real world. You can tweak the real world and make things more fun. Aside from that, you’ll get to explore ancient mysteries, which is why if you’re up for adventures, you’ll undoubtedly admire them.

The sound of this game also suits its graphics, thanks to Jacob Lincke’s music. Many gamers love how satisfying the music is because it’s full of inspiration, and it has a clean slate. You’ll hear unique voices, which is also the pride of this game.

Lastly, this game is packed with different lands, like Rosantica, Mistral Peak, Rustwood, The Hollow, Shivering Spire, and Sancta. You’ll love other characters you’ll encounter in these worlds, as well as the mythical creatures.


Many gamers gave the Flynn: Son of Crimson an outstanding score because of its many features.

The graphics and sound of this game made other gamers appreciate it more. The 2D hand-crafted pixel art makes the game very appealing, especially the characters and creatures. The sound also matches the overall appeal of the graphics, thanks to its clean slate. Gamers also enjoy how this game comes with a unique voice, making it more exceptional.

The story is also interesting, but the gameplay is not very complicated to play. Flynn explores the world with Dex, a mythical creature, exploring the ancient world to fulfill some objectives. There are some very challenging game levels, but it’s challenging in a fun way, which is why you’ll love it.

Another feature that gamers admire is the combat system, where you can use different weapons and learn abilities. Even though you have to punch or hit your enemies with your weapon, the graphics make the game look cuter than brutal. If you’re enjoying watching cute characters fight each other, you’ll love playing this game.

Others still think that this video game needs more challenge since most of its features are already very interesting. Nonetheless, most gamers are happy with the overall gameplay and story of this 2D game. If you want to play a light-action game full of fun, you should play Flynn: Son of Crimson.

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