Tom Clancy’s Action-packed Video Game Ghost Recon Wildlands

As he is also an international thriller author, video game designer Tom Clancy has a mastery of creating compelling storylines related to surveillance and military science. Thus, every thrill-seeking gamer will get hooked to his squad-based video game named Ghost Recon Wildlands.

As expected of a game created by a thriller specialist, Ghost Recon Wildlands is a complicated and quite puzzling video game. The story line of the game virtually takes the player to the dark forests and alluring plains of Bolivia where he becomes a significant part of a special force of the United States. Throughout the story, the Government of Bolivia makes a move that provokes the Bolivians to take offense. The beautiful Bolivian scenery suddenly turns into a country drenched in blood and run by the abominable Santa Blanca cartel and the evil El Sueno, the tattooed antagonist. On the other hand, the country’s security armies stand firm on the side of the sneaks.

Pros of the Game

The most rewarding part of playing Ghost Recon Wildlands can act as the eponymous Ghost. The Ghost has the signal to wander around Bolivia to do some surveillance activities that will help the terrible cartel rip to pieces. Along the way, the player will encounter action-packed activities such as abolishing cocaine plants and firing at opponents.

The player should have a lot of spare time and patience to investigate a throttle hold while equipping himself with vital graphic evidence that will help his team penetrate the base. Leaving the base discreetly with people he just saved can give the player a spine-chilling adrenaline rush. Pulling off a handful of secret missions will grant any player the terrified excitement most gamers are looking for in a video game.

Likewise, instances when the well-planned stratagem suddenly goes wrong are still the strength of this Tom Clancy video game. What’s great about a thriller game is that the thrill of every moment is enough for a player to continue with the match, win or lose.  So even when a player gets spotted by the enemies or the camp is suddenly on high alert, the game continues to be intense. The game gets even better because it is in these dangerous moments when working with teammates become more enjoyable. For instance, when a primary target is escaping, teammates from the camp will inform you even if you are on a mission somewhere else.

The Downside

Despite the many exciting aspects of the game, some players who have been an avid fan of the series “Ghost Recon” may be disappointed with the absence of new gadgets in Ghost Recon Wildlands. The attractiveness of drones, which is typical in Tom Clancy video games, is starting to dwindle as players are looking for new advanced technologies.

Appealing to the thrill-hungry gamers nowadays, Ghost Recon Wildlands is a great strategy game which has a broad range of diverse missions in store for its player. The features will get the players hooked into the game. Besides, who wouldn’t be thrilled playing Ghost in the wildlands of Bolivia?

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