Kena: Bridge of Spirits Review: Never too Young for Magic

Video games have been one of the ways how people relieve their stressful week from studying or working. When you play a good game, it relieves all the bad things that happened in your week, especially when you’re playing tactical or adventure games. Most gamers enjoy a game with an exceptional combat system since it’s how they can find release, which is by attacking enemies.

On another note, other gamers enjoy a simple but fun game to unwind from their stress. They don’t need a brutal combat system to have fun, and if you want to experience a good game with an excellent storyline, you should check the Kena: Bridge of Spirits review. You’ll know why this game is a recommended one for everyone.

Game Information

  • Released Date: September 21, 2021
  • Developer: Ember Lab
  • Publisher: Ember Lab
  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • Console: PlayStation 4&5, Computer


The fictional story of Kena: Bridge of Spirits is not in Kena’s origin. The main village acts as the hub world of the game, and it’s an abandoned place at the start of the game. This place had a tragedy, which was hundred years ago. Kena will restore the place, aiming it to be in a better state. In this game’s lore, dead people can stay in between the spirit and physical world if they have unfinished or traumatized businesses left. Kena is a spirit guide, and her task is to guide and understand the struggles of these spirits. It’s the only way she can help them move forward.

Also, Kena has a big scar, which was from her hand to her shoulder. This scar represents the experience that she had, which was traumatizing, and it was with her father, which the game will unveil. She will also stumble on two other characters named Beni and Saiya, children, and their brother, Taro. Taro was a restless spirit who Kena needed to help.


This video game is an action-adventure game that you’ll play from a third-person perspective. You have to control Kena, which was the spirit guide, and she has abilities. It’s her combat system, and as you control her, you’ll need to use her staff for charged attacks, no matter how heavy or light the attacks can be. The staff will upgrade until it transforms into a bow.

Kena also needs to defend her enemies where you can activate the pulse ability of Kena. It will act as her shield, and it comes with a health meter that reduces when attacked. Moreover, this shield can activate objects or provide clues. You have to collect small spirit companions, which they also call the Rot, and you can direct these to finish tasks, like taking certain shapes, moving objects, or distracting enemies. The goal is to damage opponents before the Rot takes the courage to join fights. You can also customize the Rot with various hats. Moreover, the DualSense controller will initiate the haptic feedback for the Spirit Bow of Kena.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits receives a lot of support from gamers because of its exceptional features, like the following.

The graphics of the entire game captured the heard of many gamers. It doesn’t give you a video game vibe because the 3D graphics look like you’re watching a movie. The background is very realistic despite the Disney-like design of Kena will also make you enjoy playing it.

The sound and music used for this game also match the entire graphics. It gives a relaxing feeling when you’re playing because Kena is exploring the forest. You’ll hear the natural sound, like the breeze of the wind or the sound of the waterfalls. The sound effects whenever she uses her abilities are also soothing in the ears.

Aside from the sound and gameplay, the storyline of this video game is also exceptional. It’s not only about fantasy, but it’s more about understanding the spirits of dead people. You’ll love how Kena can help these spirits in her ways, especially with her abilities, letting you understand more about these spirits’ lives before and why they couldn’t cross. You’d feel relieved once Kena can help them because it will give you a feeling as if you’re able to help them as well.

The combat system of this game is not brutal, but it involves magical abilities. Kena will use her staff, which will transform into a bow after some upgrades. Moreover, she can boost her defense through her shield. Attacking enemies is straightforward, but she can also get some help from companions called the Rot.

Lastly, you’ll also love how she’ll encounter two children named Saiya and Beni, who happened to be the siblings of a restless spirit named Taro. Her encounter with these characters will make the storyline and game more fascinating because Taro is one of the spirits she needs to help.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits received an above-average rating for a lot of things. Gamers admire this game very much that they wouldn’t want it to end. Though some were not satisfied with the overall experience, this video game is a solid recommendation.

The graphics and sound effects of this video game are why gamers had a good time playing it. The realistic graphics make it look like a movie more than a video game. The 3D graphics are not only exceptional in their background. The characters are also designed with perfection, especially Kena.

Aside from the graphics and sound, gamers also admire the combat system of this game. It’s not brutal at all despite having attacks, making it very suitable for everyone. Gamers admire how Kena uses a weapon like a staff and a bow, but she also has magical abilities, which gamers also enjoy.

Lastly, the gameplay is also easy to understand. Controlling the character from a third-person perspective is straightforward. You will not have a hard time understanding how you should play the game, which is another thing that gamers love.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-play game to play over the weekend, you should give it a try. It will unwind you from the stress that you’re experiencing. Moreover, it’s suitable for all ages, which is why you’ll undoubtedly admire it.

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