Be Your Own Marvel Hero in Marvel Contest of Champions

Inspired by the Marvel comics series with the same name, Marvel Contest of Champions owns a story line that revolves around the adventures of various Marvel superheroes and rogues persuaded to participate in ‘The Contest’.  With this mobile game app, players have the chance to not just watch their favorite Marvel characters but fight like them in a virtual setting.

Using their iOS or Android device, players can create their very own civil war by selecting preferred characters. Its developer Kabam made certain that players can start the battles of their heroes and antiheroes with just a few easy clicks on their mobile phone.

So what else does this mobile game have in store for both the avid player and the Marvel fanatic?

More Battles, More Power

What will keep players plugged into this mobile game is the fact that the game features its own progression system?  In short, with each battle a player takes part in, he gets the chance to get more Marvel heroes and rogues on his team.  As the player participates in more battles, he gains the ability to power up every character on his team and fight against more interesting adversaries.

Fast and Spur-of-the-Moment Action

The real deal in Marvel Contest of Champions is the fighting experience.  With the game’s control system custom-made for touchscreen devices, players can enjoy adrenaline-pumping games as battles are typically quick and spontaneous. Each round of fight generally does not exceed a minute.

The downside of this feature, however, is that some players may tend to get tired of the same routine in the long run since limited tactics are used in such a short battle.

Stunning Game Visuals

A vibrant background combined with realistic effects and character models will bring any player’s battle to the next level.  Every encounter will feel real because of the well-designed visuals of Marvel Contest of Champions.

Collaborative Battles

Players will surely enjoy forming alliances with their friends and even players they don’t know in order to conquer battles for awesome rewards. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes allows players to easily strategize or battle with other players through a chat mechanism. By simply sending messages to each other, players can discuss strategies and tactics.

The Cons

In spite of the various thrilling features of the Marvel Contest of Champions, there are some aspects of the game that can still be improved on for a more enjoyable gaming experience. First of all, the mobile game does not give the player a local multi-player option, which can actually enhance the convenience for the player looking to go head-to head against his or her friends.  Moreover, the game can only be accessed with a stable internet connection, even for a single player mode. Players might lose chances of winning more battles with just intermittent shaky internet connections.

Despite some minor drawbacks, this game is still a must-play for every gamer, especially for the Marvel aficionados.  With a combination of attractive visuals, an impressive list of Marvel characters, and a challenging game mechanic, Marvel Contest of Champions is one of the premium mobile games in the app store.

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