Naraka: Bladepoint Review: Best Fighting Game

Playing a video game can help aid stress, especially after a long week of overtime or reviews for exams. You deserve to have the fun of all the hard works, which is why playing a good game is what you need most. Whether you’re playing on a PS console, Nintendo, PC, or another device, playing an exceptional game will improve your mood until you feel better and happier.

On another note, most gamers play fighting games to unwind from stress. What’s funnier is that some people play fighting games, like Tekken, to assume that their enemy is someone who’s bringing them stress or problems. So you punch, kick, and do other combos to your enemy until you feel satisfied. While others enjoy playing fighting games this way, some focus on being able to execute combos smoothly.

There are many fighting games, such as Tekken and Street Fighter. However, if you want to experience something new, here’s the Naraka: Bladepoint review to convince you why this game is worth your try.

Game Information

  • Release Date: November 3, 2021
  • Publisher: Hong Kong NetEase Interactive Entertainment Limited
  • Developer: 24 Entertainment, Hangzhou 24 Entertainment Network Technology Co. Ltd
  • Genre: Battle Royale Game, Adventure, Fighting, Massively Multiplayer Online Game
  • Console: PS5 or PC


Naraka: Bladepoint doesn’t focus enough on its story. There’s not a single protagonist, unlike action role-playing games, because you get to play different heroes, like how you play the game Tekken. These heroes head to Morus Island were in this island, two gods fought and died. What happened after their death is that they left their power behind and let mortals find it.

The focus is duking it out for godlike and supremacy powers, and that’s the motivation of the battles in this game. It’s not as deep as other games because you and another fighter will battle in this Chinese mythology-inspired word. While Japan has its pride after releasing Tekken, China has its pride in this fighting game.


The gameplay of Naraka: Bladepoint is very similar to playing Tekken but on a bigger map, with a little bit of adventure. Tekken is very straightforward, where you enter a story mode and fight some characters until you fight the big boss. You can also fight in versus mode when you’re playing Tekken. As for this game, there are some tweaks, which makes it very unique compared to other fighting games.

Depending on your game style, you can play Naraka solo or enjoy it in trios. Most players play it alone, and if you also prefer to enjoy the game on your own, the solo mode is also exciting. Most gamers who want to enhance their skills in battling prefer the solo mode because they can move freely without others minding them during the game. It prepares them well for the battles that they’re about to face on the real battlefield.

In playing this game, you need to fight with different brawl weapons, like greatswords, longswords, and spears. You can also choose other ranged options, but most don’t rely on ranged weapons because the map has a steep learning curve. If you choose flintlock rifles or bows, you can enjoy these in the meantime, but if you want to be skillful enough and win, it’s better to hit closer to your enemies instead of shooting them from a range.

There are different heroes, which you can choose, and each has its abilities and skills. The best characters include Matari, Temulch, Kurumi, Tarka Ji, Yoto Hime, Viper Ning, and Tianhai.

Matari’s skill is teleporting. Enemies will find it too difficult to grapple, but she has a reduced stealth duration. Temulch can summon three wisps, like whirlwinds, which is excellent in blocking ranged combats. Kurumi is a healer, but she’s not the best pick if you’re playing the game solo. Tarka Ji’s specialty is fire, and he’s very agile. Yoto Hime has a massive blade that has big damage on his opponent. Viper Ning can knock out an enemy from a blast of energy. Lastly, Tianhai has an excellent defense, and he’s excellent for counterattacks.


All you need to do is survive every battle, but instead of facing guns, you’ll face melee weapons. It’s one feature that’s exceptional about Naraka: Bladepoint. Every weapon assigned to every hero comes with melee combos, like Tekken. You’ll encounter fancy charge maneuvers, uppercuts, and parries.  You can power these up with shards, which you can find out in the field.

Another feature about this game is that you’re battling with real players across the world instead of facing bots. Tekken focused on how you can bet a computer-controlled character, but this game is more than that. If you’re good at battling, your skills are undoubtedly exceptional.

Playing this game is very easy. You don’t have to deal with complicated instructions. What’s excellent is that you can practice playing your chosen character. Unlike other fighting games that don’t focus on dodges, you’ll know the difference when you start playing this game because you can undoubtedly dodge your enemy while you’re in a battle. In addition, you can practice your killer combos until you’re ready to battle.

Another feature is the difficulty level. It may not be as hard as the rest of the fighting games, but it’s also not as easy as others think. You might find other stages challenging, making it more fun, especially when you encounter the feared mechanic of weapons and armor degradation. You’ll try to improve your skills or upgrade your weapon as you’re on your way to fight the next hero. Keeping up with a full lifeline while batting sounds uneasy, but it’s what motives other players to do better.

The graphics of this game is not as appealing as other fighting games, but it’s not below average. The attention to detail is still impressive, but it lacks appeal, unlike Tekken or Street Fighter. Most players can feel the vibe of being in an actual battle through graphics, but this game lacks that vibe. The overall graphics will give you a fighting game from an older era, and it’s not very impressive, especially to gamers these days.

There is also some room for improvements in the control scheme of the game. For example, the middle ground, where the heroes fight, feels awkward and has a weird camera view. On the bright side, switching one weapon to another is impressive if you’re using a mouse or a keyboard than a controller.

There’s another game mode that you’ll love, which is the Deathmatch mode, and it’s free for all players. You can go on mechanically, or if you want to do it narratively, you can also choose this option.


Unlike Tekken and Street Fighter, this fighting game didn’t receive much positive feedback from gamers. Most rated it below-average.

Some of the negative feedback about Naraka: Bladepoint is the indistinct character roster. Not everyone is a fan of how the developer introduced the heroes in the game. However, in a fighting game, the characters are essential because they are why gamers want to play the game in the first place.

Another point that players didn’t appreciate about the game is the awkward and cluttered interface. Playing the game is not complicated at all, but seeing the game’s interface will make you think that it’s too complicated to play, whether it’s in or out of the matches.

Aside from that, the customization feature of this game is also a point for improvement. Unfortunately, most games didn’t appreciate the excessive micro-transactions in the options for customization. As a result, it makes it more challenging for gamers to appreciate the gamer further.

On the bright side, this game is not always bad. The melee combat and weapon options are the highlights of the entire game. A lot of gamers love the options, especially the swords. Aside from that, you can also choose ranged weapons, like bows. The best part about the weapons is how you can improve these for better standings.

Another good thing about the game is the unique story relating to gods and Chinese mythology. The characters are also interesting, having different powers, such as teleporting, healing, etc. It’s as if you’re playing League of Legends in a solo mode.

Lastly, the game is not difficult to understand. For its genre, it’s more straightforward than other fighting games in the market, but at the same time, you will still feel challenged as you continue to play and battle with other gamers.

Naraka: Bladepoint may not have a similar scheme with Tekken or Streetfighter, but this game is worth trying because of its unique setting. It’s a Chinese mythology-inspired game that uses exceptional characters with special abilities. It’s not a typical fighter that can punch or kick, but something more because you can use weapons, upgrade their skills, or work on their abilities. Moreover, you can play it in multiplayer mode, letting you enjoy the game with your friends. If you’re up for this adventure, you should play this game.

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