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If you’re one of those persons looking to have a break from the too-much open-world dynamics in gaming, then our top pick for you is Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos.

Remember the days of the cute 2D characters accompanied by 8-bit tracks? That’s the golden age! I bet you miss playing those kinds of games, eh? Today’s gaming industry focus their energy on providing a close to real-life experience for gamers by nailing the graphics, animating dialogues as if you’re watching live TV and many of that sort. But at one point, all of these become a bit overwhelming, and games with limits, quests, and simplicity cure this “fatigue.”

The title itself has a nostalgic ring to it, right? If you’re familiar with the Legend of Zelda, Legend of Heroes, Final Fantasy franchise back then, then you know what I’m talking about. Let’s break down what makes this game special.

Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos, released on February 2021, is a game that takes you back in time. This game falls under the category of fantasy, and it is also suitable for ages ten and up. Even though its age limit is set to a low number, this is something that adults – like you and I – can surely enjoy.

It offers a classic kind of gaming. Its main theme focuses on problem and puzzle-solving. This game is loaded with many things that you can do, such as doing quests, talking to other players online, and upgrading your weapons, equipment, and farm. Sounds exciting, right?

Game Plot Overview

Tasos has long been a peaceful place where neighbors get to live harmoniously. One day, it all changed when creatures from specific dungeons have come out of their hiding place. It greatly affected Tasos, and now, it needs you to be its hero.

These naughty creatures, called Titans, were able to escape the seals of the dungeons that they have been trapped in when they became weak. Long ago, the goddesses put sealed them off completely for them not to cause harm to people anymore.

This turn of events has rendered the goddesses helpless but not hopeless. They reach out to you and your other three friends to put back the Titans to their rightful place and restore peace to Tasos.

Four of you will embark on a journey of friendship, challenges, and victories. You are the hope of Tasos. Are you in?


There are four main playable heroes in the story.

Yes, the game is surely nostalgic, but this runs on the cloud; it is an online game, unlike its predecessors. You can network with others, build your team, and save Tasos and the world. Apart from embarking on a journey, you can also upgrade your team’s overall stats, which is common for older generation games.

Another thing that’s central to this game is teamwork. Since this runs on the cloud, you and your friends can enter into “session” or what fans like to call “dungeoneering.” It helps to accomplish a game a lot easier since more heads are always better. Please take note, though; it might be rowdy at one point when a lot of players try to join a session.

When not on a quest, you can also take time to take care of your farm, reinforcing it. You may also do fishing or farming, which is a relaxing way to “play a game.”

If you have treasured memories of playing Zelda, Legend of Heroes and the likes, this game might appeal to your liking.

You can gain experience points as well as you battle. Another interesting thing about this game is resurrection. Even a dead character can still make moves such as set booby traps, appear as ghosts and whatnot while waiting to be respawned.

If you don’t like to play with friends online, that’s also okay. There are mini-games in Rogue Heroes that you can do with some non-playable characters in the game. Yep, just like the good old days where you find satisfaction playing against a computer.


No game is ever perfect. Rogue Heroes is not free from that fact as well. Some notable opportunities of the game depend on the console being used. On the PC version of Rogue Heroes, audio becomes distorted when the playing time reaches a reasonably long time.

There are also times when the game experiences a significant latency, to the point that it needs to be rebooted since it does not allow players to do anything on the screen anymore. Some gamers claim that this needs to be done at an hour interval.

These things might be frustrating, especially if you’re in the zone, but Rogue Heroes provides a fairly good gaming experience during its optimum performance.

Graphics of Rogue Heroes can either be a blessing or an opportunity depending on your preference. While some are happy to be taken back to the good old days, some players do not appreciate it that much, especially if they think it’s not worth running on their money.


Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos is available on PC and Switch.

Overall Impression

Not only will older generation gamers enjoy Rogue Heroes, but also the newer ones. This game is low impact, meaning it is one of those games that give your brain a break from all the open-world complex problem-solving activities.

Its cloud capability also spices things up for this game. Unlike older generation games like this, you need to search for save points manually; this has an auto-save feature.

As for the gameplay, you might find yourself enjoying gaining experience by battling, but you might want to consider boredom as you do things over and over. Moreover, it might not be as pivotal as it hopes to be if your character is already “close to perfect.” It might not be an issue for you, though, if you’re after the story of the game.

Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos is a fun and interactive game that you can play with friends. Together, you can build a power team to save Tasos and the rest of the world.

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