The New Post-Apocalyptic Game of 2021: Outriders Review

Summer is coming, and it is the most appropriate time to seek new adventures! While some love to enjoy the sun’s heat while swimming at the beach, others prefer staying at home and playing their favorite game. If you belong to the latter, you may be scouring some new games to master this season. People Can Fly has a piece of good news for you because it prepared a new challenge for you to unpack.

There is indeed a long list of RPGs out there, and Outriders will not stand differently from the rest in that category. However, its Sci-Fi RPG combination and shooter gameplay is a must-try alone or with your family and friends. It has a post-apocalyptic setup where you land on a new planet after the Earth has become an unlivable abyss.

What should you expect from this video, and what will make you stay and finish its story? You can find out more about Outriders as you continue reading this article.


Its story revolves around the new planet that the last remaining Outriders found after 83 years of orbiting the universe. They fled Earth because it has become an unlivable place, and Enoch is where they will start anew. Survival is your top priority when playing this game, and it involves gun-slinging, weapon upgrades, and fight-or-flight instincts.

You will need to spend more time getting to know everyone and how the story unfolds before you get the hang of the momentum. But once the thrill commences, you will never get bored playing Outriders. The last thing you’ll notice is the amount of time you already spent killing enemies one by one and taking each challenge seriously.

This game is more of an offense type than defense. You will need to move a lot, and defending yourself from enemies does not last long. Enemies will keep on throwing explosives for you to uncover yourself and challenge them into a gunfight. You should be quick, responsive, tactical, and alert. Unfortunately, this game will not let you quickly heal using medkits. The stocks are meager, and replenishing your health is best done with more shooting.

Outriders’ game developers made sure that you are to face your enemies head-on. If you only choose to get past the rivals, you will meet a dead-end wall, and you have no choice but to return and face them all. If you cower and run away, the game will provide you with a ten-second counter. After which, it will reset.

This video game may not be as mind-blowing as you would expect it to be, but it does the job of providing you a thrilling experience. Its storyline will not also win as the best screenplay writing, but overall, it gives justice to what you will expect for a Sci-Fi RPG.

Character Classes

This game has four classes of characters, and each has its unique abilities. At some point in the game, you will choose which class you wish to use. You can try them all by replaying the game.

If you want to lead your team and become its greatest defender, choosing Devastators suits you. This class is the tank of all the characters because of their strong and huge features. Plus, they can control gravity that helps in protecting your team against enemies.

You can also become the trickster in the team. Your teleportation ability will let you have the upper hand and control of the game as you move behind an enemy and attack them defenseless from there.

Would you rather be an assist? There is no problem with that because pyromancers are excellent in specializing in AOE damage. Their main power revolves around fire. You will have a huge advantage in using explosive arsenals and other weapons that help kill your rivals instantly.

Lastly, the technomancers are for the geeks. Like pyromancers, the technos are also perfect for support because they can use technology to induce damage from anywhere. You can also act as a healer when you are using this character.

Be sure that you have chosen the character that suits you. It is only a one-time decision throughout the story.

Game Progress

There is not much that you will expect from the video game’s weapons. They are fairly similar to other RPGs. Beginners tend to pick whatever equipment they find in loot boxes, and there is no problem if you do the same.

It also offers class points that you can collect each time you rank up. You can use them to upgrade your armors. However, the class points are too minimal compared with other games. Your level in World Tiers will dictate the difficulty of your challenges. The more you rank up, the more challenging the obstacles become.


Playing video games will not be complete without the other technical features you should consider. You may find its overall visual display outdated. The graphics look like the games released in 2017, but it does not greatly affect the overall experience. The character’s facial expressions and the game’s sound effects are spot-on.

However, Outriders is prone to internet issues. Its servers are quite slow, especially during its initial release. Thus, kicking you out of the game due to connection problems is a common scenario.

Overall Experience

Playing Outriders may be a new addition to your video game collection, but its overall gameplay is not alien to you. It has the same concept as post-apocalyptic video games, where you need to survive all the obstacles found in the entire story.

Apart from the server and internet problems you would probably encounter, Outriders is an excellent choice for a new and fun adventure. It will satisfy your adrenaline rush, especially if you prefer video games that move all the time, involves killing enemies, and surviving the entire story with your special skills.

You can enjoy this game as a single-player or with others, so you might as well invite your friends at home and play Outriders.

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