World War Z Review: Most Awaited Game for Your Switch

Many gamers have been using Nintendo Switch these days, and Nintendo has been releasing many games for them to enjoy. Before, you’d see Mario-related games, which are most suitable for kids. But nowadays, they are starting to introduce games that you can also play on PlayStation consoles or computers. If you prefer a zombie-related video game, here’s the World War Z review to check out. 

Game Information

  • Released Date: November 2, 2021
  • Developer: Saber Interactive
  • Publisher: Mad Dog Games
  • Genre: Third-person Shooter, First-person Shooter
  • Console: Nintendo Switch


The story of this video game follows the plot of the World War Z movie and book. There are different settings, including New York, Jerusalem, Moscow, Tokyo, and Marseille. However, you don’t get to control the main character, unlike in the movie. The characters you can choose come in seven classes, but you’ll undoubtedly encounter zombies along the way. On another note, there are five settings for this game. 

In New York, some survivors didn’t have the chance to reach the evacuation center in the United States or US Army. They had to fight their way along the streets until another group contacted them, leading them to another evacuation site. In this setting, you have to fight for the civilians after the soldiers abandon them. 

In Jerusalem, a group of soldiers, along with a journalist, need to rescue the scientist, who they think is needed to end the epidemic. The group had to save the scientist, and it was the main objective of this setting. 

In Moscow, there’s a group of survivors who needs to search for other supplies and food. After reaching the crash site, they found a Russian Army office, which was a survivor. However, the area comes with a lot of zombies, which the group needs to fight. 

In Tokyo, a volunteer rescue team needs to do a final check on the survivors. They have to assist the survivors to the checkpoint. However, they encountered an incident where massive zombies attacked them. 

Lastly, in Marseille, the French Resistance’s members, a total of four, had to fight their way through the streets to get medicine and weapons before the horde of zombies arrived. Along the way, they’ll find a group of survivors, who they need to help as well. 


You can play this game from a first-person or third-person perspective. It’s a shooting game that’s available in single-player and multiplayer. However, unlike typical thrilling games with one protagonist, you’ll need other characters throughout the game. It’s a cooperative video game where you have to battle the hordes of zombies in different places, such as Marseille, Moscow, Tokyo, New York, and Jerusalem. 

There’s no main character to control, but you get to choose from different classes. You can play the role of a Gunslinger if you want someone who specializes in range, a Fixer or also called engineer, a Hellraiser or a person who specialized in explosives, an Exterminator or someone who specialized in crowd control, a Slasher or someone who specialized in melee, and a Dronemaster or someone who specialized in defensive/offensive drones. 

You’ll have to defeat a lot of enemies, which the game can support simultaneously. Aside from the single-player mode, there are also other modes, like multiplayer and competitive. Aside from that, you can play a Player vs. Player vs. Zombie mode, which is also another mode that drives gamers crazy. 


World War Z in Nintendo Switch consoles is the most anticipated event of the year because many Switch users have been waiting for the release of this video game. Also, it comes with fascinating features, which you’ll undoubtedly love. 

The gameplay is impressive because it doesn’t only have minimal gameplay. There are different settings, which you can play in single-player or multiplayer mode. Aside from that, other modes are available, like the Player vs. Player vs. Zombie, King of the Hill, Swarm Domination, and Swarm Deathmatch. 

The graphics are another feature you’ll love about this video game because the team designed the game exceptionally. The background looks very realistic in its 3D style. The characters are also exceptional, especially the enemies, making it more thrilling but fun to play. Plus, the combat system doesn’t look weird by graphics at all. 

Another feature you’ll love about this game is how you can select a character to play throughout the game. You don’t only control a specific character, unlike the gameplay of Resident Evil, where you have to control an agent named Leon. You have to choose from different classes in this video game, depending on where these characters are specialized. Aside from that, you can also unlock perks as you continue to play the game. 

Lastly, the story still sticks to the same setting from the book and movie. It may not focus on the characters, but it still has the same settings, which involve different countries, like New York, Jerusalem, and Marseille. 


The World War Z video game is what you should try if you have a Nintendo Switch. Gamers gave it an above-average rating.

The gameplay is not boring at all, that you will not anticipate the settings. The class of characters is a new thing that’s not mentioned in the book or movie. Moreover, there are many modes available, letting you choose which mode is more fun for you. If you want more challenges, you can do the Swarm Deathmatch or Player vs. Player vs. Zombie modes. 

The graphics will not disappoint as well because of their 3D style. The team made sure you’ll enjoy every scene of the game as if you’re watching the movie. Plus, the characters are designed well as well. 

Lastly, the story is not too boring at all. It still has the same line as the book and movie, but it has minor tweaks, like the characters you can control and the objectives per set. Nonetheless, it doesn’t go away from the original story. 

If you want an exciting but thrilling video game to play on your Nintendo Switch, you should give this video game a try. This video game is not only fun to play, but it can also be challenging, especially when you play multiplayer mode. 

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