Demon Turf Review: Young Demon with Good Intentions

If you’re a gamer, you’d want to experience almost any game in the market. There are many genres to try, and one genre that others enjoy playing is the platformer. You can play this platform game on any gaming console, which is why gamers can’t get enough of this genre. If you’re looking for an exceptional video game to play on your console, here’s the Demon Turf review to consider. You’ll know why many gamers enjoy playing it. 

Game Information

  • Released Date: November 4, 2021
  • Developer: Fabraz
  • Publisher: Fabraz 
  • Genre: Action, Platform
  • Console: Computer, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch


The story is about a young demon named Beebz. She wanted to rule the Demon World, and her goal was to overthrow the Demon King. It has a very straightforward story where she’s trying to save her world from the nasty things that happened after the ruling of the Demon King. She’ll stumble on gangs, and she has to battle them for dominion. Aside from the gang, she’ll also have to face the Demon King, who she wants to overthrow. Her goal is to kick all turf leaders until she becomes the Demon Queen in her world. 

There’s no deep story, making it the best video game to play if you prefer light ones with a simple plot and gameplay. Even though it doesn’t focus too much on the story, it still shows some insights related to the story. Despite being a young demon, the intentions are fair: to rule the world how a leader should rule it. 


You’ll play this platform game from a third-person perspective. You’ll control Beebz as she explores every turf in the game and battles the leader of the turf. You’ll need to do some tricks and move her she’s going to explore. Plus, you need to master her abilities every time you overcome every level. 

The stages are challenging even though the graphics show as if it’s very easy to play. If you’re searching for some challenges, you’ll love this video game more. Aside from that, there’s an obstacle course where you have to zip and flip. It’s not only a typical platform game but it’s also loaded with action. 

You can purchase gameplay mods if you want to make it more fun to play. Plus, there are other modes, like time trials, photo mode games, and more. The challenge depends on the current boss you’re battling, which is another interesting feature because you’ll never know what comes next. 

Lastly, custom checkpoint systems will let you save your data as you progress to the next level. Aside from that, there’s a combat system since you have to battle other demons along the way, but it’s not as brutal as other action games. 

Demon Turf review


The Demon Turf comes with impressive game features that any gamer will love, especially when a fan of platform games. These are some reasons why many gamers admire it, regardless if they play it on computers, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation. 

The graphics are impressive in their 3D-platform style. However, it’s unlike typical 3D that gives a very realistic vibe. The graphics of this video game has a unique vibe, letting you enjoy it more. It has both a 2D and 3D vibe, which is why it’s unique. Plus, it uses colorful themes, which makes it more exciting to play. If you like colorful backgrounds and characters, you’ll undoubtedly admire them, like cartoons from Cartoon Network. 

The gameplay is also straightforward, letting you understand every instruction per level. It’s not very complicated to play, but it’s also not easy because some levels can be challenging. You’ll battle the boss of every turf you reach, along with gangs. Also, you can improve her abilities as you progress to every level. 

There’s some combat involved in this video game since Beebz has to battle other demons in the Demon Realm. Even though these are not very brutal, they don’t fall short for overall action. 

Lastly, there’s a story to enjoy even though the video game doesn’t focus too much on the game’s story. The main goal is to overthrow the Demon King to rule the realm rightfully as the Demon Queen. It doesn’t have a deep story if you’re looking for one, but the plot of the story of this video game will not bore you at all. 


The Demon Turf is an anticipated platform game that you can play on many gaming consoles. Gamers gave it an average rating because of its gaming features, but there are also points for improvements.

The gameplay is one feature that gamers admire because it’s unique and not very complicated to play. It has a bit of action, which is why it’s not very boring to play, yet the combat system is not very brutal at all. Also, gamers love how they can play it from a third-person perspective, letting them enjoy the view of the games’ graphics. 

When it comes to graphics, the team did an exceptional job in creating unique backgrounds and characters. It’s very colorful, making the entire video game bright as if you’re watching a cartoon. Plus, the graphics when the characters move is not awkward at all, which is why gamers love it more. 

Lastly, the story is quite catchy, even though the video game doesn’t revolve around the story. You’d be surprised how a young demon wants to beat the Demon King to rule the realm better. Her adventure in fighting and defeating every boss on every turf will make you love the game more. 

On another note, it may not be the best game to play if you’re not fun of cartoony video games. Nonetheless, it gives an exceptional gaming experience, whether you play it on your computer, Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch. If you enjoy playing cartoony video games, you should undoubtedly give this video game a try. 

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