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OMAHA, Nebraska – Medical health workers started ditching their scrubs before leaving the hospital amidst harassment threats. Hospitals also started issuing each health worker with a panic button in case of an assault.

Amidst the workers’ service and role in the war against COVID-19, the supposed heroes in the pandemic deal with hostility and threats from other patients. The anger comes from the patients’ disagreement of certain safety rules designed to prevent the COVID-19 spread.

The Cox Medical Center Branson started issuing 400 nurses and other employees with panic buttons to address the assault cases that tripled in 2020 to 123.

This hospital in Missouri reported one nurse needing to x-ray her shoulders after an attack outside the hospital premises.

From a country clapping for these medical health workers a few months ago, Dr. Stu Coffman now expresses his dismay, frustration, and depression in seeing his fellow doctors harassed and ridiculed outside the hospital.

Although the pandemic directly contributed to these sudden assaults, hospital spokeswoman Brandei Clifton expressed how these assaults never came with the job description.

Idaho nurses started removing their scrubs before going to groceries to avoid the attacks from angry residents.

Because of the assaults, hospitals started limiting the number of patients they accept.

In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, doctors and nurses started receiving accusations from grieving family members for supposedly killing their loved ones. These family members do not believe that COVID-19 is not real.

Hospital Spokeswoman Caiti showed how these health workers started feeling like veterans, afraid of entering the public.

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