NCSD Records highest Number of STI Cases in US | Health News

WASHINGTON – Health officials expressed their concerns about the rising number of STD (sexually transmitted disease) cases in the United States because of the decreasing social restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The cases continued to increase for six years. Despite a minor dip in STI (sexually transmitted infection) cases during the pandemic, the US is finding more health funding to address the problem. 

David C. Harvey attributed the number of STI cases to the slacking back of STI testing and the lighter quarantine restrictions nationwide. More importantly, the lack of STI education and proper condom use hinder the country’s goal to lessen this worrying number. 

The STI increasing rate also significantly reflected unequal trends in health outcomes. 

Dr. Ina Parks, a professor at the University of California, expressed the likelihood of STI returning to its original position with no intention of going down. As a result, the number of cases presents a major public health issue for the government. 

If left untreated, STI can bring about numerous long-term health detriments like cancer and death. Because of this present issue, the government recommends sexually active individuals seek regular testing and take prevention strategies such as condom use and limiting the number of sexual partners. 

The present pandemic also hindered the number of clinics diagnosing and treating patients, with four clinics suspending treatment or ceasing operations. 

In line with the country’s pandemic alleviation efforts, the country slacked back in providing STI testing kits to allow contact tracers to keep track of the infections. 

For more information on sexually transmitted diseases and treatments, see the STI Treatment Guidelines on the CDC website.

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