OCTOBER 4, 2021: State Employees Receive COVID-19 Vaccination Ultimatum | Health News

CONNECTICUT – State workers have 24 hours to provide proof of vaccination or receive unpaid leave until they take their vaccines.

Unfortunately, there are still 3,000 employees in the governor’s office refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccines. Only 23,000 employees received their vaccines, while 5,000 employees agreed to weekly COVID-19 testing.

11% of the state workers refused to comply with the vaccination mandate.

Irene Bajwright, a state employee, revealed that most employees have already submitted proof of their vaccination status. Bajwright announces how important vaccinations are for all Connecticut citizens.

This mandate brought about numerous objections from people. Den Decarlo and Kim Odell declared that vaccinations should be a choice not imposed upon people.

Nevertheless, the National Guard agreed to compensate for the expected employee loss due to non-compliance.

However, Bajwright contradicts these objections by showing the good intentions behind Governor Lamont’s mandate. Bajwright expresses the importance of following the orders to address a potentially disastrous outcome.

Connecticut is not the only state imposing mandates that require state workers to present their proof of approvals.

Virginia joins Connecticut in requiring people to receive their vaccines and undergo weekly testing. Northam announced that the best way to prevent any upsurge is to “roll up our sleeves and get vaccinated.”

President Joe Biden also required the federal government to receive their vaccines and undergo constant COVID-19 testing. The White House announced that stricter policies are the best way to stop the Delta Variant.

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