Vegas Calls Virus Falsehoods Public Health Crisis | Health

LAS VEGAS – The Las Vegas Strip elected board attributes the culture of mistrust and the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic to COVID-19 misinformation. The Las Vegas Strip declared the COVID-19 misinformation as a public health crisis.

This outrage came from a video showing the security officers’ forceful removal of a man running for state lieutenant governor. This video raised issues about free speech rights and potential bloodshed in the Las Vegas streets.

Two police officers pushed State Lieutenant Governor Mack Miller through a metal detector, eventually falling to the Clark County Government Center floor.

Fortunately, Mack Miller did not sustain any injuries from the encounter. However, the county released a statement of its intentions to bring the incident under review.

The resolution that won with a 5-2 vote stated the possibility of misinformation to cause confusion. This certain level of misinformation lessens the trust built between the people and the government.

This misinformation also contributes to the people’s decision to refuse COVID-19 vaccination treatments and other health care policies like refusing to wear masks, declining physical distancing, and using unproven treatments.

The Sponsor of the Clark County Commissioner, Justin Jones, described the importance of removing falsehoods that can cause danger to the people.

This measure is unlike the mandate released by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors that did not include other recommendations to prevent misinformation from spreading.

Commission attorney Marry-Anne Miller also announced that the document did not limit speech by showing any punishment for people possessing different views.

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