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Derty: Where are you from.

North Carolina

How was it growing up for you and how did that affect your music.

Derty: Well, my whole life growing up reflects in my music so it has a big effect on my music. Growing up in a small city; the population was like 4,500 people but you still deal with the same issues that a major city deals with. You make the best of it and live with that. I don’t have any regrets on where I came from.

At what point did you start taking the business of making music seriously?

Derty: Actually it came when I was down with a crew of guys, you know they were a lot older than me. They had all the connections so when they fell back from the game I was just out there. So what I did was utilized what I did in the streets and who I meet in the streets to connect to the music. To me music and the streets go hand and hand anyway.

When I first started it was just shaving everything down and getting comfortable because this was a different hustle. When I got it under control I saw the reaction from the people and seen that they were behind it because I was speaking for them and they could really relate to it. That’s when it started being serious for me.

How did you come up with the name Derty Den and your alias Big Gates?

Derty: I got my name Derty den is my stage name and it comes from the similarity with the dirty south you know dirt roads. Being grimy, I spelled it with a d.e.r to give it a little swag. Big Gates comes from my size and

What make you original and unique?

Derty: My ambition and my drive? I have to be different from anyone else. If I make something even similar to anything else going on it ain’t good music. That’s why I ain’t really caught up with what new os going on. I don’t have a problem with what’s new to each is own and everyone is success and eatin’. What I do is keep the people incorporated into my music because that’s my whole motivation; if I got one fan or one million fans I still feel the same way… I’m happy just to have someone lovin’ Derty den. My style and music is something that you can relate to… you can get a Derty Den CD and you might not like one or two songs but there’s something on that CD that you’re going to relate to. When I put it out(my music) I talk from the state of mind of the everyday youth and the different situations that they go through, you know what I’m saying everything ain’t all good and everything ain’t all bad, it’s life.

What do you think about the current situation with the music?

Derty: Basically, the industry just evolved with the time. Really it’s all about chasing the dollar and from the outside it just seems like the industry is just chasing the dollar a lot quicker. For an artist now you got to be already on and poppin’ before the industry really take notice you. Back in the day when you had people like Big and Jay-z you seen a lot of artist development, you seen the molding of the artist, you actually get a chance to see where the artist was from and you actually get a chance to see the artist move and the timeline evolve. For example look at jay-z, he went from Reasonable doubt to blueprint 3. That’s what’s hurting the game right now. The fans and the people don’t know the artist, the artist just come out. That’s one good thing about Li Wayne that makes him successful how they actually saw Li Wayne come from hot boys to what he is now. To have longevity in the game you have to plant some roots and grow and have your fans grow with you.

I heard that your music been getting love overseas too… what’s that’s like?

Derty: The overseas market is great because they appreciate good music. I had a chance to be in some of the top magazines over there (UK) I had a chance to be on a lot of mixed tape project and the response to my music from DJs has been crazy. I’m ready to go on tour over there too, laughs..

How you do feel that the new social networks and other sites these days plays a roll in an artist

It’s very important if you think about it that where all the people are. Everyone you meet either has a myspace, facebook or twitter page or something like that. It’s all about being where the people are. It’s good for me because that’s two different grinds for me; I can be on my footwork in the streets and also attacking the internet strong like I do.

What are some project that your working on now?

I got the Carolina North project. I also write for different unsigned and local artists, R&B music, HipHop music. I also have artist that I work with and put projects out like Drummer squad, Hella Victoria, Huggi Bear these are the popular North Carolina artist. I also host mixed tapes and I got my own radio show on 92 FM a radio station in North Carolina.

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