Google Launches 3 of Its Newest Photography Apps

MANHATTAN, NY – Google recently announced its “appsperiments” result – three newest photography applications for both iOS and Android operating system (OS) devices. The said applications debuted from the search engine giant’s “appsperiments” program which allows them to develop and publish various mobile applications.

Three of the newest photography applications are Storyboard, compatible with Android-running devices only, Selfissimo! made for both iOS and Android gadgets, and the Scrubbies for iOS only.

Google was inspired by their very own Motion Stills application that was launched in 2016 hence the “appsperiment’s” program. The said program aims to bring newest technology development techniques and convert them into an actual and useful application.

Storyboard, Selfissimo!, and Scrubbies were built in a full experimental manner. Thus, this technology innovation and creation was compared to be similar to the Garage Program run by their competing brand, Microsoft. The said program by Microsoft creates similar application programs that tend to be smaller and totally experimental.

Storyboard released by Google functions by taking video clippings and automatically puts it in a six-frame pattern which resembles a comic book design. According to the tech giant, the said application is capable of more than 1.6 trillion different combinations to try for.

Selfissimo! from its name snaps a nice photograph every time a person strike for a pose. It captures in a black and white photobooth manner on any of your iOS and Android phones. Once the mobile phone’s screen was tapped, the application will start shooting. The application is sure to snap every pose of yours each time you stop moving.

Google Launches 3 of Its Newest Photography Apps

The last application released by this trio of newest apps is the Scrubbies. Scrubbies is your post-modern video editing application that lets you remix different videos taken on your phone and put a nice DJ-style video by quickly scrubbing your mobile phone screen back and forth. This scrubbing move will allow you to create nice video clippings of your style.

These three applications by the tech giant are said to be the start of something wonderfully small experiments by the company. These experimental apps are what most of the users need to further push through with different editing styles.

Aside from video- and photo-related application, the tech giant is also heading out to develop other applications such as games, productivity apps, and other mobile applications needed by many.

Moreover, these applications developed by tech giant are compatible with iOS and Android-powered devices. Yet, not all released applications are compatible to both. There are certain types of applications that work only for Android OS or to iOS.

Moving forward, the tech giant is looking at producing more of these and other necessary inventions by 2018. Next year is also set to be big for the tech company as it will venture on a lot of improvements and other experiments that will benefit the public.

With high regard, the tech giant will soon announce other improvements to be launched next year. Google is consistently doing the best it can to deliver and exceed expectations through the power of innovation and invention.

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