Chicago Sky Starts WNBA Finals with 91-77 Win | Sports News

PHOENIX – The Chicago Sky showed a great performance to open the WNBA Finals, beating Phoenix Mercury in a 91-77 win.

Kahleah Copper and Allie Quigley were both significant factors in the win against Phoenix Mercury. Copper scored 21 points while Quigley contributed 18 points to the Chicago Sky win.

Candace Parker’s return to Chicago also brought the veteran presence to lead the other players in the team. Parker’s leadership became extremely important, especially after Sky’s shaky start.

Parker scored 16 points over the fatigued Phoenix Mercury. Copper emphasized Parker’s calming presence despite the team’s first-game jitters. These jitters became a huge factor that made it difficult for the Chicago Sky to win.

These jitters resulted in many clanged shots and slow defensive rotations. Because of Parker’s inspiring words, coach James Wide managed to take control with a 21-2 run, bringing the Chicago Sky to a 17-point lead.

In the second half, the Chicago Sky managed to shoot 53% from the floor and shooting 100% of the team’s free throws.

Courtney Vandersloot was the offensive superstar in the Chicago Sky win. Vandersloot finished with 12 points and 11 assists.

Candace Parker scored 7 of her 10 shots while grabbing eight rebounds in the process. Parker emphasized the importance of being “the calm for the storm” and “the storm when everyone’s calm.”

On the other hand, the Phoenix Mercury needed to play against Chicago Sky absent guards Kia Nurse and Sophie Cunningham.

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