Astroworld is the third solo studio album by Travis Scott. He is an inordinately talented producer. Astroworld is a seventeen track album in which Scott opens up about his relationships for the first time. With wonderful beats and music, this album has got the presence of its own. It starts with “Stargazing” which has two separate musical movements. First being slow and the other being urgent and sharp. “Sicko Mode” has one level up with three musical movements. It is evidence of compositional thinking by Scott. Also, Drake has an appearance in Sicko Mode.


The finale of the album consists of gently stroked guitar in the track “Coffee Bean.” The album is in total an imaginative work. It appears as the evidence of Travis Scott evolving as an artist. He seems to be quite ahead of his peers in terms of incorporating musical instruments into his sounds.


Astroworld is the strongest album till date given by Scott. It has indulging melodies and atmospheric beats. He understands how short the attention span of his audience can be and molds his words according to that. It might be a contributor towards Scott becoming an A-list rap star as he is immensely talented and wonderfully ambitious.

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